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Image Guidelines

Sourcing Images:

Do not use images unless you have the rights to. It is disrespectful to the photographer and can lead to legal action. Please be sure that your photos are sourced from:
  • Your own photographers (if possible)
  • Official press photos (if available)
  • An artist or establishment's official Facebook page. Our assumption being they are official press photos if they meet the following criteria:
    • Current or recent cover images and profile images are acceptable to use as long as a photographer is not explicitly credited within the image’s description. 
    • You may also use cover images and posters from Facebook Events.
      • You may not use photos that have been uploaded as Photo posts but are not being used as cover images, profile images, or on Facebook Event pages.
    • You may use cover and profile photos from other social media channels as well, but you may not use images from individual posts (including Instagram posts).
  • On the ‘about’ or ‘bio’ page of an artist or establishment’s official website (example).
  • You may also use promotional images and posters from specific events’ ticketing pages on platforms like EventBrite and Ticketmaster.
  • Images explicitly licensed for reuse on resources like:
Never use an image that has a watermark or copyright (aside from our own). Never ever use images from other media properties or news organizations like TimeOut, Pitchfork, or NY Times.

When promoting films:
  • It is OK to use:
    • promotional posters and stills from films that are featured on venues' and festivals' specific screening pages (example). 
    • cover and profile images from the film's social media accounts.
  • It is never OK to use:
    • images from other media properties (including stills from the film and/or photos of cast members on set, at events, etc.)
    • stills from Google and other search engines
    • stills and photos that are not being explicitly used by the film, a theater, or an advertiser for promotional purposes.
When in doubt, it's always best to ask support@dostuffmedia.com if a photo is fair game before using it. And please be sure to credit the source for every photo you use.