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Holiday Break

DoStuff takes a break over the holidays every year. The 2020 holiday break is from December 24th - January 3rd.

Our #1 focus during this time is to rest, recharge, relax, see family (safely), and get ourselves ready for an awesome and impactful year when we return to regular work in the new year.

During that time period, the world will continue changing, clients will continue buying and adjusting their campaigns, events will continue getting announced, news will happen.

With that in mind, here are our expectations for how we all approach holiday break:

  • Check with your team before you make plans to be unavailable. Our flexible time off policy only works if it works for all.

  • There will be no previously-scheduled meetings. All 1:1s, team meetings, company meetings, etc will be cancelled during this time.

  • We also won’t need to update any weekly or monthly stats, or complete any recaps/reports for campaigns that wrap over the holidays: Those can wait until we’re fully back in office.

  • We DO need to accommodate new advertised campaigns, as well as any requested changes to existing ones.

    • For this reason, we ask that you check your email at least once per day while on break, to ensure that any changes are accommodated in a relatively prompt manner. 

    • Account Managers: please include your direct contact number in your OOO messages for any urgent client needs.

  • We need to continue sending emails and posting on social media.

    • Much of this content can be scheduled in advance - but it is important that the publishers of this content check in regularly (with their inboxes and the news) to ensure that it’s still the best possible content to promote. The world will continue changing while we’re on break; we need to make sure our content is always aligned with the atmosphere of the local scene and advertisers’ needs. 

      • If the regular publisher of this content is going to be out of pocket for an extended period of time (eg - on a long flight, on a rural camping trip), they should appoint someone else on their team to check this for them.

    • This is a time to really let our personalities and voices show through when we post. It’s the holidays, after all! Be warm and genuine with your users: It’s been a hell of a year. (We loved this Thanksgiving email from DoLA.)

  • We need to keep up with any big event announcements and changes.

    • People will keep coming to our sites to find awesome stuff to do; we need to make sure they can find the best stuff possible.

    • Also, new announcements will help arm our email and social teams with the best possible content to post.

  • We do need to make sure all giveaway winners and RSVP lists are sorted.

  • This is also a great time to get organized: Does your Asana need a refresh? Your computer need an update? This is a great opportunity to knock off a few of these to-dos when there’s a lot less going on.

  • If you are not on the front lines of Account Management or Content, this doesn’t mean you’re on the bench entirely. Work with your teammates to see how you can be helpful during this time as well. 

Have questions about holiday break? Please don’t hesitate to ask your manager. We’re here to chat through anything you’d like!

Happy holidays, everyone!