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Content Directive: Monday, June 29th

 Hey gang,

 The 4th of July is this Saturday. (Wild timing for such a holiday!) Today's content directive is to make sure your content strategy around the holiday is all buttoned up.

 Here are some things to help:
  • Eight of the ten highest-trafficked 4th of July-related pages from 2019 were event pages. So, please be sure to have listings up ASAP for any and every relevant celebration in your city. Check Facebook, check EventBrite, check Twitter, check your scrapers, etc.
  • Your next step is to make sure those events are collected on a user list. Please do this today if you haven't already.
  • Please find visual assets from Liz here.
  • Be sensitive to the environment of your city. Read the room, and position your list in the way that will be the most useful, and resonate the most positively, with your audience.
  • Be sure to Google '4th of July DoXYZ' and double-check that all of the highest-ranking pages are still relevant. 
  • Don't forget to add your user list to your 'Featured Stuff' and site 'Feed'.
  • If you'd like to build a /p page to supplement your user list, that's perfectly fine! But I would recommend starting with the user list first, since that's where we've had the best success in the past.
 I hope this is helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions.