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User Onboarding

User onboarding is an awesome new feature that allows users to sync their Spotify and Facebook accounts with their DoXYZ accounts in order to follow bands en masse with the click of a button. These users will then receive notifications - both through band notification emails and updates in their mobile apps' Feeds - whenever these artists announce new shows.

New users are invited to sync their accounts immediately after registering:

While existing users can navigate to DoXYZ.com/welcome to sync their accounts.

Here's how the syncs work:

Facebook Sync:
  • Follows all artists you like
  • Follows all venues you like
Spotify Sync:
  • Follows all artists you follow
  • Follows all artists present on:
  • Playlists you create
  • Playlists you follow
  • Songs you've saved
  • Albums you've saved
  • * Does not do anything with Stations / Radio / Podcasts