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RSVP Intro

I. What is an RSVP event?

The RSVP feature for an event allows users to “RSVP” for an incentive and you to collect an RSVP list for your partner.

It is different from simple votes or adding an event to one's picks: 
  • Fans show a greater commitment to attend the event when RSVPing than voting. 
  • The partner receives a list of those who have expressed commitment to attend. 
  • The partner can choose to ask for an opt-in to collect email addresses and other information. 
  • The partner can and should offer a special promotion to incentivize users, such as free entry or a free digital download. 
-->Given these components, RSVPs tend to have a more positive influence on an event’s popularity in the organic listing.

​II. Benefits

RSVPs are another one of our partnership tools we consider a win-win-win: for you, your partner, and your fans.

That seems like it could be a lot of work for our DoXXX. What is the benefit of RSVP partnerships for us?

1. Build Your Audience - Each time a user RSVPs for an event on your site, they are automatically registered for both your site and your weekly email. This makes it one of the easiest audience building tools available to you. Your RSVP partners want as many people to attend their event as possible and (if they do it right) they will send that link out to their own audience as well. Each time this happens, your metro reaches a new potential audience.

NOTE: RSVPs can be even better for building your audience than Giveaways. Unlike Giveaways that only offer a chance to win a prize, requiring RSVP for entry encourages every single person who may want to attend that event to sign up through DoXXX.

2. New Partnerships - The RSVP feature is a great tool with which you can attract new partners. Even those hard to get partners that put on events you still stand in line for. Go for those partnerships with the winning sell that 100% of your audience is looking to go out, see shows, and spend money. You will get the best response when you focus on "This is who we are, what we do well, and who we've worked with..." instead of "This is why you need us and we need you..."

​Developing new partnerships with the right people will strengthen your content, lead to new opportunities, and extend your voice.

3. Fan Loyalty - When events run RSVPs on your site, you provide something greater than information to your audience. The more that fans can get from your site, the more likely they will be to recommend it to their friends. People don't just want details about tonight's show, they want the special access that comes with getting their names on the list. If you can do that, you will keep them coming back and inspire some long-term DoXXX luv. 

Okay, I admit, that is all great for us. What about for the partners?

1. RSVP List - The RSVP event on DoXXX will result in a list at the door of the event without the partner having to do more than open an email.

2. Opt-in - Your partner can choose to have those who RSVP opt-in to receive more information from them, allowing the partner to collect email addresses. They can also collect more info about their patrons by asking for birth date, zip, or specific questions (for example, “Who would you like to see perform next at The Best Bar?”).

3. Increased Interaction - Fans tend to interact with RSVPs more than average events, which increases sharing across social channels and the event popularity in the organic listing. More visibility on social channels and on the site snowballs and can contribute to the event ranking at the top of the daily listing!

Awesomely and importantly, when the event increases in popularity and rises to the top of the listing, it will likely be featured in your weekly newsletter that reaches the inbox of your thousands of fans!

DoLA Example:
-RSVP events on DoLA receive more clicks making them very popular which organically leads to more visibility on the website (ie. Top Listing for the day of the event). 
--More importantly the most popular events for the upcoming week go into our weekly newsletter that reaches 107K Southern California event lovers!!!

And what’s the win for the fans?

Well if it isn’t obvious...
1. Incentives & Perks - Let's face it -- Everyone loves free stuff. RSVP partners offer additional perks to draw attention to their shows and boost RSVPs. By giving your fans a chance to get into a show for free or enjoy a hosted bar (i.e. free drinks), your site becomes more than just an event calendar. It becomes insider access.