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Giveaways Intro

I. What is a Giveaway event?

The Giveaway feature for an event allows fans to enter to win tickets that you've procured from your partner. Similar to RSVP entry, Giveaway entry registers new users for your site, enables an opt-in to collect email addresses for your partner, and grows some serious DoXXX love.

It is different from simple votes or adding an event to one's picks: 
  • Fans enter to win a special offer such as a free pair of tickets or package.
  • You select a winner or winners from the list of entries.
  • The partner can choose to ask for an opt-in to collect email addresses and other information. 
-->Given these components, Giveaways tend to have a positive influence on event popularity in the organic listing AND a huge impact on user return engagement.

​II. Benefits

Giveaways are another partnership tools we consider a win-win-win: for you, your partner, and your fans.

That seems like it could be a lot of work for our DoXXX. What is the benefit of Giveaway partnerships for us?

1. Build Your Audience - Each time a user enters a Giveaway for an event on your site, they are automatically registered for both your site and your weekly email. This makes it one of the easiest audience building tools available to you.

2. New Partnerships - The Giveaway feature is a great tool with which you can attract new partners. With the right Giveaway partners, you can connect your fans to the best shows in your city and thus grow your credibility.

​Developing new partnerships with the right people will strengthen your content, lead to new opportunities, and extend your voice.

3. Fan Loyalty - When you host Giveaways on your site, you offer something awesome to your audience. The more that fans can get from your site, the more likely they will be to return and to recommend it to their friends. Our studies have shown that Giveaways have the highest returns on user engagement of any of our platform features.

Okay, I admit, that is all great for us. What about for the partners?

1. Opt-in - Your partner can choose to have those who enter opt-in to receive more information from them, allowing the partner to collect email addresses. They can also collect more info about their patrons by asking for birth date, zip, etc.

2. Fill shows - If the partner has a show and needs to move more tickets and get more people to attend, this is a great opportunity for them to do so.

3. Increased Interaction - Fans tend to interact with Giveaways more than average events, which increases sharing across social channels and the event popularity in the organic listing.

And what’s the win for the fans?

Well if it isn’t obvious...
1. Free tickets! - Everyone loves winning free stuff. The right Giveaways will make winners seriously love you and fans return to find more opportunities to win.