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Event Promotion

I. Introduction

You are building the most comprehensive event listing in your city. You are also targeting event content for your specific audience of young adults who like to go out and enjoy live music. How do you maintain the most comprehensive listing but also ensure that quality content rises to the top of your organic listing and is easily found?

This article will dive into the specific methods that you have available to appropriately promote priority content for your audience and for advertisers.  Some of these methods should be reserved for paying partners. Some of these methods should be holistic and used for both advertised and otherwise popular events.

II. Featured Event Ads

Featured event ads appear in the sidebar of all pages and showcase either ¼, ½, or full page show posters that link directly to  an event page. Their visibility encourages users to navigate to those pages and vote on those events or participate in special offers. When users vote on events, RSVP, or enter a Giveaway, the popularity of the show increases and so it rises in the daily list of events.

Featured Event ads should be reserved exclusively for your paying partners.

III.  Special Offers

RSVPs and Giveaways  are two great options you can offer to paying partners to increase user interaction with their events. These promotions provide users special perks or the chance to win free show tickets. And they grow your user database and newsletter list.

Your RSVP tool creates a special list of attendees for the event that the venue or promoter partner can use at the door. RSVP entry is always paired with an incentive for the user, such as free or discounted entry.

When you procure free show tickets, your Giveaways tool offers an easy way to allow users to enter to win and you to select winners. Giveaway setup for an event automatically adds that event to your Giveaway/Guestlist page, which will be promoted in its own way and receive a lot of traffic.

RSVP and Giveaways encourage more engagement with events that raise their popularity in the organic listing and merits their addition on special lists that increase their visibility.

IV. Newsletter

Your newsletter includes Featured Event ads, your Top Picks list, and any other events you want to direct users to discover. Given this, your newsletter is a high quality list of what there is to do in your city in the near feature that lands directly in your users’ inboxes. This makes it one of the more valuable ways you can raise awareness and increase interaction with events.

V. Latest Posts

Your Latest dropdown in your main navigation features important, timely content that you want to surface for your users. If you add a big show, especially with an RSVP or Giveaway, you can link directly to that event in the Latest dropdown.

Posts to the Latest dropdown should reflect a strategy so that users who regularly visit the site regularly find value in checking out what’s new in the dropdown. The more valuable you make checking out the dropdown with new and good content, the more users will rely on it, and the more visibility your posts will receive.

VI. Social Promotion

You have multiple social channels at your disposal: Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, and Tumblr. You can use these channels as appropriate to post news of recently added shows, Giveaways, RSVPs, updated lists of shows, and shows happening soon.

When you post information to get attention for events, you should link back to the event page on your site. This will drive users to the event page and inspire greater interaction with the event that will raise its popularity.

VII. Lists and Tastemaker Pages

Lists create targeted pages of events to filter the massive number of events on your site and showcase a specific theme or simply distill what's most popular. Tastemaker pages are lists of quality events picked by those in your network whose tastes influence other users.

Your most important lists include your Top Picks and Guestlist. When these lists are showcased in your “Featured Stuff” section and linked on social channels, then you make their events more visible and encourage increased interaction and the popularity of those events.  For more list ideas, see this article.

When you encourage your Tastemakers to pick events and add them to their lists, their pages show more highly below the “Recommendations by Tastemakers” section in search and the footer, driving users to their pages and helping users discover those events.  Additionally, Tastemaker votes count for 7x the weight of average event votes, pushing their events to the top of the daily listing.

Lists and Tastemakers set to auto-vote that follow bands and venues are also a great way to automate activity related to events that will raise them in the daily listing.

VIII.  Popularity Settings

Finally, we have popularity settings that you can directly manipulate on venue, band, and event pages in Admin.

Venue popularity should be set on a 10 scale, with advertising and target venues weighing 10, average venues set to 5, and lesser venues set to 1. The popularity of the venue influences the popularity of the events at the venue in the daily listing.

You can also increase band popularity as the popularity of bands attached to events will increase the total event popularity.

On event pages, you can edit the event’s popularity if you need it to show higher on the daily listing. But this shouldn’t be necessary if you have considered all the above actions!