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Event Features

The following explains additional event fields and options you have available.

Ongoing vs. Repeating

Ongoing Events: If an event lasts for several days in a row, entering the full run of that event will create it as an Ongoing event. 

  • Examples of Ongoing events include art exhibits or theater runs
  • Ongoing events do NOT show on the daily listing exhibit for on the start date because otherwise they would crowd out more relevant one-off events
Repeating Events: An event that repeats weekly (same time/same day) can be set as a Repeating event.
  • Examples include Happy Hour specials or Trivia Nights
  • ONE repeating event shows on the daily listing with a link to show all events for that day
  • Repeating events only work for weekly events (rather than bi-weekly or twice a week, etc.)

Ticket Info

URL: URL to purchase tickets
Info: Price, age, etc. - this info does NOT show on the event page
Onsale Date and Time: Date tickets go on sale 
-> You can use this to create a "Big On Sales" list, such as this one on Do312
Presale code: Displays presale code on the event page if needed to purchase tickets
Tickets sold out: Will add “Sold Out” to the event card and event page

Advanced Options

Advertised: Check this box to display the event within “Featured Events” ads (to setup the ad itself, see this article)
Locked: Prevents the event from being edited on the site and updated in the queues - no NEW info will come in for the event
Hidden: Hides the event from the site, can only be accessed via direct URL
Keywords: Words entered here will show the event as a result when searched
Vanity: Input text here to make it a vanity URL for the event page.
EX. Enter "hopalong" and the URL becomes
Popularity: Manually adjust to raise or lower where the event shows on daily listing

Go here for information about Event Promotion, here for specific RSVP or Giveaway setup, and here for a how-to on event slideshow setup.