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Event Creation

I. Introduction

Though most events on your site will come in automatically through a scraper, you will also be adding events by inputting all event information directly into Admin. Some examples of when this will be necessary: 
  • Special events that you host
  • Manual “scrapes” of event calendars that for whatever reason cannot be read to automatically pull in data 
Users have a similar capability on the front-end, but event creation in Admin can be more detailed.

II. Navigation

Step 1: Under the “Main” tab in Admin, make sure you are under the “Events” tab.
Step 2: Click “Create a new upcoming event” in the sidebar.
Step 3: The page that populates shows all the required and optional fields for a new event.
Required fields: Title + Venue + Category + Date
Step 4: When you’ve input event information you wish to include, clicking “Create” will make the event live.
Step 5: Once the event is created, the sidebar contains additional options, such as adding bands or setting up the event as an RSVP or Giveaway.

III. Creating a New Event

Step 1: On the “Create New Event” page, enter the title of the event in the “Title” field and any promoter information in “Topline Info” that you want to appear italicized above the title in the event listing.
Step 2: Begin typing the venue and select the appropriate one from the auto-complete options, which populate from your venue database.
Note: If the venue does not yet exist in your database, you can enter the name and a new venue will be created. This is NOT the case for users adding events to the front-end: they will receive a message to contact you regarding adding the venue.
Step 3: Select the best “Category” from the dropdown.
Note: Some categories may be “hidden” so that those events do not show up on the daily listing. If you want this event to do so, make sure its category is not hidden.
Step 4: Select the start date and time of the event.
*For information about ongoing and repeat events, check out this article.
Step 5: You can upload a photo but will need to input all images in the "Manage Photo" modal.
Step 6: Click “Show” ticket information to input it.
Step 7: Add any event details to the “Description” box. Text in this box can be customized with our super sweet WYSIWYG editing tools.
Step 8: Click “Create.”
Step 9: To include bands, click “Add bands” in the sidebar and begin typing a band name and select from our database of bands or enter a new name to create a new band.
Step 10: After you have added bands, you can simply exit the modal and they will be saved.
Step 11: Click "Manage Photos" to upload a cover image and a poster image for the event. The cover image will appear at the top of the event page with the title and information. The poster image will appear below the event description. 
*For more image guidance, check out this article.
Step 12: Double-check how your event looks live on the site by clicking “View this event” in the sidebar.

IV. Customizing an Event

Step 1: Click “Show” next to “Advanced Options” when creating or editing the event.
Step 2: You can set this event up to be advertised as a Featured Event.
Step 3: You can set up additional features (for additional details, see this article):
  • “Lock” this event to prevent editing on the site and updating in the queues. No NEW info will come into the dupes queue for the event. 
  • “Hide” this event to keep it from public view.
  • To include this event in search for certain words, enter those words in “Keywords.”
  • Link out to this event’s page in Eventbrite and Facebook by filling in those ID fields.
Step 4: Check out our RSVP and Giveaways articles to set up the event as one of the other.
Step 5: To attach additional media to an event, click “Set up slideshow.” See this article for more information.
Step 6: You can choose “Custom CSS” in the sidebar to customize the page similar to a promo user’s page. We have some guidance on that here

V. Adding a Large Number of Events?

If you need to create a large number of events at once but these events are not listed on a site so that you can scrape them, we have a spreadsheet solution!

Step 1: Make a copy of this spreadsheet.
Step 2: Enter all event information.
Step 3: Set the "Share" settings of the doc so that anyone with the link can view.
Step 4: Create a new scraper with all applicable information and the URL set as the spreadsheet link.
Step 5: Select "google spreadsheet" from the available scripts dropdown.
Step 6: "Create" the scraper and select "Run the Scrape" in the sidebar to bring those events into the Pending Queue.