Newsletter Setup and Management

NOTE: These instructions apply to the usage of the DoStuff email template and may or may not apply to other templates.

How to Run the Newsletter

Step 1: Navigate to the “Newsletters” tab under the “Promo” tab in Admin, then click on the "Top Picks 2014" template.

Step 2. On the right sidebar, set the "From Date" to the date that you want the newsletter's events to begin with and then set the "Total Days" field to the number of days that you want to include. For example, if the "From Date" is 2/10/2014 and "Total Days" is set to 7, the newsletter will only display events, on-sales, giveaways and featured ads for events taking place on 2/10 through 2/16.

Step 3. Once you've set the From Date & Total Days field, click "Go" and the page will reload with the HTML.

Step 4: Manually edit the "Powered By" logo / Top Right Brand Ad / "Sponsored" Listings Middle Brand Ad. To easily locate the part of the code that you will edit, then do a find (ctrl + F) in the HTML for either "powered" / "toprightbrandad" / "listingsmiddle". After uploading the properly-sized image files through, you'll then need to change the image location (the URL in quotes after the “<img src=”) as well as the image's click-through link (the URL in quotes after the “<a href=”) for each ad's HTML snippet found below.

This is how each of the following ads will appear in your newsletter HTML file:
Step 5: Select all of the HTML in the Mail Template dialog box and then copy/paste into MailChimp.

Automatically Populated Sections

Top Picks
All of the events that appear under the “Top Picks” section in your newsletter are populated from the Top Picks user account. The newsletter will displa
y all of the Top Picks events within the given date range, but we suggest keeping the number of events to less than 20, so your email file isn't larger than MailChimp's maximum HTML file size.

Just Announced / On Sale  (See Image)
The “Just Announced / On Sale” section displays any events that have a buy ticket link and a "Tickets On Sale" date that falls within the newsletter’s date range. We suggest keeping the "On Sale" section of the footer to no more than 10 links.

Win Stuff

This section of the footer is linked to your Giveaways user account. We suggest keeping the "Win Stuff" section of the footer to no more than 10 links.

Featured Event Ads
All of these are automatically populated from the featured event ads running on your site. If an event has an associated featured event ad and falls within the date range of the newsletter, it will be automatically included in the newsletter's HTML. We suggest keeping the total number of Featured Event Ads in a single newsletter to under 15.

Customizable Sections

You have complete control of the appearance of your logo in the top left of the newsletter. If you'd like to create a different version of your logo or add text to the side of the logo such as "What to do in XXX," just send it to, and we’ll change the image for you. The logo should be no taller than 180px, have a transparent background, and be saved as a .PNG file.

Other Design Aspects
Almost every other color aspect in the newsletter can be customized. After reviewing your template, feel free to send over any color changes that you'd like us to handle. If possible, annotating the changes on a screenshot would help us make sure we understand the changes that you'd like to make. As of now, the only things that can’t be changed are that the event boxes must remain white and the various icons (map, tastemaker, twitter, fb, instagram, etc.) must remain turquoise.