Lists Intro

I. What is a list?

Lists are targeted lists of events, venues, or artists that fans can access on your site and serve as an important part of your editorial strategy. They help to build your audience by offering unique, relevant content that your fans cannot find anywhere else. As such, they are great for driving traffic to your site and SEO (for more on that, read all about how Do512 created this now invaluable list strategy).

II. Types of Lists

There are certain lists that ALL of our sites have as essential to their core content.

  • Top Picks
    • "Top Picks" is your list of events that that you curate with your team as the most relevant/popular events for your audience. 
    • They can include but should not be exclusively advertised events.
    • Straight forward and to the point, these lists are for the no nonsense user looking for the coolest event.
    • For some examples, see:
  • Free
    • "Free" lists include a range of events and offers that do not cost money. Whether it be free entry to a show or free beer on Tuesdays, these lists let your audience know the best deals around town.
    • The word "free" is undoubtedly the best word known to man. And anyone that disagrees is lying. That is a fact.
    • Check out Seattle and LA's free lists here:
  • Guestlist (aka Giveaways)
    • Some event tickets are just too darn expensive. Or are they? Guestlist events allow users to enter a drawing in order to win free tickets to popular events.
    • All Guestlist events are determined through specific partnerships for which you have procured Giveaway tickets.
    • Some examples are available here:

Lists also give you an opportunity to be creative and feature unique content that targets your audience and city. Do certain holidays inspire some funny/interesting/relevant events? That's a great place to start!

  • Valentine's Day
    • You can have the attitude of this page reflect your audience's attitude toward this polarizing holiday.

    • Do312's V Day page reads: Single? Double? Triple? No matter what your relationship status may be, we have the greatest events in-and-around Chicago for and you and your loved one(s) to enjoy on this celebration of the mushy and the gushy. So forget the Hallmark card and the Whitman's sampler, express your bonds by going out and getting your special people well fed, entertained, and shit-faced on a weekday. We can think of no better way to say, amore. Do you know of a good Valentine's Day event in Chicago that we failed to include? Post your event and let us know!

  • Record Store Day 
    • Many cities celebrate this awesome music-important holiday with fun events and opportunities to win prizes.
    • Do312's Record Store Day: On this featured landing page, users can also enter 4 different Giveaways to win gift certificates, records and other prizes from various record stores.
    • More examples:
      • DoLA
        • In 2013, DoLA ran a contest with Amoeba Music, Burger Records, Origami Vinyl and Touch Vinyl. The winner received a gift certificate pack to the four participating record stores, amounting to $500.
      • DoNYC
        • DoNYC utilized their Tumblr in order to tell users about new records that were being released on Record Store Day. In addition, they hinted at ticket Giveaways and used tags such as: "record store day", "free tickets", and included the bands that were dropping records, such as: "Sigur Ros".
  • NYE!
    • These are hugely important come End of Year, and you'll want to plan well in advance.
    • Check out some examples:
  • End of the World?!
    • While the world may not have ended each time predicted, that doesn't stop people from heeding every warning as an excuse to party.
    • Check out some examples:

III. List Best Practices

Do These Things Once You Have Each List Complete:
  1. Link to the page in your "Featured Stuff" section.
  2. Post the new list in your "Latest" dropdown.
  3. Make an Asana task for someone to check these lists regularly and add any relevant events.
  4. Include links to lists in any other blogs or content that seems like appropriate crossover.
  5. Remove when no longer relevant - from "Featured Stuff" and "Latest" but never delete or remove entirely!!! (For SEO integrity!)
Be sure to: 
  1. Ask your users for input in the list description field!
  2. Check relevant sources for list ideas and event additions regularly.
Keep in mind:
  1. Lists require effort and upkeep.
  2. Lists are totally worth the effort and upkeep!

Now you're ready to be a list making rock star!