Search & Featured Stuff

I. Introduction

Search! is super important. Users love it. So that you can capitalize on the attention given to search, we gave you the ability to input search suggestions and display a list of “Featured Stuff” links in the search modal. 

II. Search Suggestions

  • Currently, you manage these from your SASS editor under “Images and other things:"
  • This is your opportunity to show a bit of personality and connect to your users. Do they want “cheap beer” or to find "the best places for karaoke?" 
  • Eventually, this may be something you sell as part of packages. 

III. Featured Stuff

  • Currently, you control these in your SASS editor under “Images and other things:” 
    • Make sure your URLs for Featured Stuff begins with "http://" for it to link correctly.
  • These links appear in the right column when a user clicks to search and opens the search modal. (The left column in your Tastemakers in order of most recent activity.) 
  • Since the left column of Tastemakers caps at 10, your “Featured Stuff” links cap at 10. These links can be sold as part of packages to venues/promoters/sponsors but are also an opportunity to add editorial flare. 
  • Develop a plan for when you will input/take down advertised links AND incorporate these into your editorial plan. 
  • You should FOR SURE input your "Guestlist" and "Top Picks" here as well as other prime lists.

IV. Search Results Page

  • The image across your Search results page is currently your default image uploaded in your SASS editor -
  • Users can filter search results: All, Venues, Lists, Events, Artists
    • Users that are not Lists or Tastemakers are NOT currently searchable