Facebook Best Practices

Facebook can be a confusing place at times. What to post? When to post? Here are some top topic ideas to use with examples of winners from other metros.

What to Post?

1. The no-brainer classic show info: big show announcements, Giveaways and RSVPs are a sure way to get users to notice your page and keep them coming back for more. 
2. Impossible questions are great because it allows people to have fun while giving their input. In addition, they might like or share the status and maybe tag a friend or two.
  • From Do312: "You are stuck on a deserted island and can only listen to one band for the rest of your life. Which do you choose?"
    • Facebook users had to choose between Nickelback or Creed, which elicited great debate among users and increased traffic. 
  • Posts that include a prompt for conversation or a question receive 70% above average engagement. And they give you an opportunity to directly engage fans in a conversation.
2. Humor trends come and go, but that does not mean that you can't use them to your advantage. Keeping trends in mind when writing  post can be very successful- just be sure not to overuse the trend and recognize when it is no longer popular. 
3. Helpful tips that people might be unaware of.
  • Do617 notified it's Facebook users about an elusive, invaluable resource that had just been replenished: PARKING
    • There is never enough parking in any city, right? Thus, if you are able to give your users useful information, they will make your page a go-to site.
4. One word: FOOD.
  • Two words: THIN MINTS.
    • Do314 had people drooling just by mentioning the holy grail of cookies that is Thin Mints. Besides, who doesn't like Girl Scout Cookies? Let's be real.
  • But in all seriousness, posting about local restaurants opening, changing locations/hours, new additions to a menu, etc., catch people's attenion and they are likely to share the post. 
5.  Important dates such as state, city and celebrity birthdays (and deaths) are great posts that seem to always receive a lot of likes and shares. You just have to make sure that you jump on it and get the post up early, before others. 
  • Do512 celebrates Texas Independence Day.
  • Or, you can mix a holiday with a celebrity like Do312 and get a late, great and green Patrick Swayze.
7. Turn that frown upside down! Turning a negative event into a positive or funny one makes users happy, giving them a reason to laugh. This will garner likes and shares.
  •    US Men's hockey was beat by Canada in the Olympic Games. It happened... But, Do312 shows us that doesn't mean that we should dwell on the past! Here is a picture of a baby gorillaWhat hockey game? Yeah, we don't have to talk about that.
As the examples show, weird and unique posts are just as important as show listings and Giveaways. So don't feel confined to music and/or event posts. Be creative! Use your page insight on Facebook in order to study what posts work and what don't to constantly work toward increasing the effectiveness of your Facebook strategy.

How To Post?

Facebook has redesigned their news feed multiple times since January. Knowing how to adapt to these changes is vital to increasing your Facebook page’s reach. We posted some advice on that here.


  • Decreased visibility for content posted by Facebook Pages and more concentration on posts made by individual users.

    • How to avoid this for your Facebook page:
      • Do not hyperlink within posts like this:
      • Instead, use a link-share by entering the full URL in your status update box.

  • More Focus on Images

    • According to Mashable, photos on Facebook "now make up nearly 50% of news feed stories and are...front and center." In addition, the photos are much larger.

    • Organic reach: photos are great because Facebook views it as interesting content- it shows up more frequently in people's news feeds.

Jeff Bullas studied brands on facebook and found that the length of posts matter. What is the key to having high engagement? According to Jeff, 40-character posts received 86% higher engagement. 40 characters is pretty short, but it is important to note that posts with 80 characters or less received 66% higher engagement. If possible, keep posts within 40-80 characters to get maximum exposure. You can find more information in this article by Buffer.

When To Post?

Timeliness is key.
  • Allfacebook.com states that "70 percent of interactions occur within 60 minutes of the post." 
  • Know your audience- what time are people using Facebook the most? Apparently the most popular time is 5PM PST on Saturday. Make sure to think about when your audience would be actively looking at their news feed. Peak hours tend to be around 6PM to midnight.
  • As shown in examples above, current events and holidays are very popular posts. Stay on top of those!
  • If you reply to users on your posts regularly and relatively quickly, the more likely users will be active on your page.

Summary Takeaways

1. Humor and ticket Giveaways in Facebook posts are tried and true.
  • In addition, getting your users involved by asking them questions generates more interest and interaction with your page.
2. Be aware of Facebook changes, especially with linking.
  • Make sure to link-share directly into your posts.
  • Facebook views photos and videos as organic content, which means that users are more likely to see your posts when they contain either of the two. 
3. Know your audience.
  • It is most effective if you post when a majority of your users are online. 
  • You can and should check your page insight to see peak hours of activity and to get a better idea of what posts are most popular to your audience.