Facebook Ads Best Practices - Creating A Custom & Lookalike Audience

This LearnStuff article assumes you know the difference between Custom & Lookalike Audiences for Facebook Ads Campaigns. If not, read up! Than come back and let's hit those advertising goals!

Creating a Custom Audience

From Facebook Ads Manager, locate the "Burger" Icon in the upper left corner. 

Click on the Burger Icon, which will bring you to a drop-down menu. From the drop-down, locate the "All Tools>" option (red box) in the bottom right corner. Select the "All Tools>" option, locate "Assets" and choose "Audiences" (blue box).

You are now in the "Audience" segment of your "Assets Library." Once you've landed here, you'll see past audiences (assuming you've created any), and it should look like the screen shot below. You'll want to click the blue "Create Audience" button at the top left (red box) and click "Custom Audience." 

You'll land on the screen below. From here, and for the purpose of this example, we'll walk through creating a "Website Traffic" (red box) Custom Audience, as these tend to be the most used audiences for our purposes at DoStuff.

Once you've selected your Website Traffic option, you'll land on the next screen to Create a Custom Audience. 

Now, there's a lot of options you can choose from here, and we encourage you to play around with and test these options, but for the purpose of this example, as well as demonstrate the most used Custom Audience creation at DoStuff, we'll show you how to create a Custom Audience for "People who visited specific web pages in the past 180 days." But at the end of the day, you can choose whatever works best for your specific campaign and targeting objectives.

Locate the drop menu (red box), choose the "People who visited specific web pages" option, enter 180 days* (unless otherwise specified). Enter your URL(s) (orange box). We've chosen DoLA's Recreational Cannabis 2018 Guide. Than name your audience (green box). The format for this will be [Metro Name] - [p Page or Events Guide Name] - Custom. You can name these however you please and whatever is most easily searchable, but the important part will labeling that it is a custom audience. 

*Note: We choose 180 days, because these Custom Audiences are "living" audiences," and even if your page isn't 180 days old, it will continue to pull from whatever the past 180 days is while the campaign is live. 

Your Custom Audience is created!


Now, the next step will be to create your Lookalike Audience(s). You cannot create a Lookalike Audience without first creating a Custom Audience to base it off of. 

Navigate back to your Audience Asset Library, find your Custom Audience in which you would like to use, and click the name of the audience. We're using the DoLA - Recreational Cannabis - Custom audience we created above. Don't worry that the audience is potentially still "Populating." You can create a Lookalike Audience (as well as use in Facebook Ads Manager Ad Set) before the Custom Audience is finished populating, however, you need to make sure at some point that the Custom Audience completed the population process.

Once you've selected your Custom Audience, a pop-up screen will appear with details about the audience. Located the "Actions" button in the top right corner (red box), and select. A drop-down menu will appear. Select "Create Lookalike." 

You'll now see the screen shot below prompting you to Create a Lookalike Audience. Select the "Location" portion (red box), and find your preferred country (either North America> United State, or North America> Canada), and select your Audience Size (blue box). Choose the audience size that best reflects your campaign and targeting objectives. We've chosen "10% of countries" here, as this is the largest audience, and we can narrow down the audience size with detailed targeting in the ad set if we feel it is too broad when creating our ads. 

Hit "Create Audience" and boom! You've created your Lookalike Audience!