Facebook Ads Best Practices - Increasing Reach or Post Engagement On An Organic Post

Increasing Reach or Post Engagement On An Organic Post

There are three reasons that you would want to boost a post from your page in Facebook:
  1. You have a post that is performing well organically, and you want to capitalize and increase that performance
  2. You want more people (whether they already follow your page or not) to see the post
  3. You want people (whether they already follow your page or not) to like, comment, or share the post
Really, any semi-successful post (apx. 20+ reactions, 10+ comments, 5+ shares) should be boosted, even if that's only $5. The engagement up to this point is a good sign that the post will resonate with the rest of your audience, and if it does, Facebook will reward you.

The limitations to boosting a post are:
  1. Targeting is very limited.
    1. Besides reaching people that already like your page, you can only target based on Gender, Age, Location and Demographics.
  2. Optimization is very limited.
    1. Boosting covers a blanket optimization; meaning that you can't specify whether you want more impressions, reach or engagements. Facebook just tries its best to increase all of those, and whatever happens, happens.
  3. Creative is more limited than creating a Facebook Ad.
    1. When boosting a post, you are confined to the limitations of a Facebook Post. Examples being: not being able to edit share images, headline copy, etc.
  4. Testing is nearly impossible.
    1. Unless you are running a campaign where you are posting the same thing every day or every week (which we don't suggest), than you are very limited in testing things like image quality, headline changes, audience targeting, and more.
How To Create A Boosted Ad:

Boosting is the most basic form of Facebook Advertising, and essentially should only be used in an instance where a post is doing well, and you want it to do better. For everything else, read ahead!