List Creation

I. Introduction

Lists lists lists. Lists are curated lists of either events, artists, or venues. Examples include Top Picks and Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving. We mention lists a LOT because they matter a LOT to creating quality content for your fans and to driving traffic back to your site by improving your SEO. This article will walk you through the technical creation process for a new list.

Lists are driven by user accounts. So the process will be similar to setting up a user with a few distinctions.

II. Create the List Account

Step 1: In Admin under your "Main" tab, navigate to your "Users" tab:
Step 2: In the right sidebar, select to “Create” a new user.
Step 3: Enter the name of the list in the “Name” field.
Ex. “Free” or “Best Rooftops”
Step 4: Set a standard password so that all your list passwords are easy to remember when you need to login to your site with the account.
Ex. “doxxx”
Step 5: Enter a placeholder email for the account that ends with “@” your site.
Note: This makes all your lists easily searchable with “@doxxx” in the email filter
Step 6: In the “Vanity URL” field, enter the text that should be appended to your site URL.
Ex. “free” if the list URL should be “”
Step 7: In the “Display Name” field, enter the name that should appear at the top of the list page and around the site.
Ex. “Free!” or “Best Rooftops in Chicago”
Step 8: In the “New Promo Descr.” field, enter any special text or images that will appear below the list title and over the cover photo. You can input special code via HTML (</>)to customize this area.
Step 9: Check “Promo User” to enable any code or design customization to display.
Step 10: If you want to default display past events, such as for a Lounge Shows page, then check “Past Events Default.”
Step 11: If you will be setting up your list to automatically vote on all events at a certain venue or with certain artists, check “Auto-vote.” This will cause the list to automatically populate with all events at followed venues and all events that feature followed artists.
Step 12: Select “Create” and you’ve successfully set up the list account.
Step 13: Add a cover photo and icon image for the list via the “Manage Photos” modal in the right sidebar.

Note: You can opt to set the list as a Tastemaker and do so via the “Permissions” link in the sidebar. The advantages of the Tastemaker setting in this case include greater weight for the list event vote to increase the event’s popularity as well as the appearance on the list icon on voted event pages.

III. Populating an Event List

There are three options to populate the list page with events:
1. Vote on individual events with the list account email via the “Vote on this Event” link in the sidebar of each Admin event page.
2. Login to your site with the list account and vote/add all events you wish to populate the list.
3. If the user is set to auto-vote, follow all the artists and venues relevant to the list by logging into your site with the list account. It may take a few hours to populate, but the list will display all events for those followed artists and at those venues.
Note: If you need this to happen immediately, let us know and we can force the events to display right away.

IV. Populating a Venue List

When you wish to create a list of venues, such as “Sports Bars” or “Best Places to Eat Late Night,” you simply login to your site with the list account and follow the venues you wish to include in the list. Then whenever you link to the list, make sure the list URL ends with “/venues” (or select “Venues” from the “Upcoming Events” dropdown).


V. List Management

Populating your list with events is only part of ongoing list management. How you identify events for the list and how often you populate it is HUGELY important. We have found that a dedicated amount of time and effort is necessary to curate a valuable list, but that time and effort is truly worth it.

Here are some tips for keeping your list well-curated and up-to-date:
  • Dedicate a portion of each day to big upcoming lists and regular important lists - anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour for each. The Content Manager should lead this effort but can also delegate to interns.
  • Search Admin's recently added events for those you may not know about that came in via the queues or users. Check the event description to be sure it fits.
  • Search specific terms relevant to the list in Admin's events to catch any you may have missed (and a good way to play catchup if you haven't addressed the list in a few days).
  • Go through the daily listings on your site for the next week to find any events not yet on the list that are soon!
  • Search other blogs and websites that may post similar content to find events already on your site that fit or to create new ones to add to your list.
The effort that you put into building a good list pays off for your users and for you in the long run!

VI.Page Customization

You can customize a list with special design to make it stand out and thematic. Here is a spooky example from DoLA:

We have guidance available for the Custom CSS that enables this special design.

VII. Sponsored Lists and Ads

You have the ability to setup a customized sponsored list. The design of the page can include a wrapped background and omit ads.

To omit brand ads that appear across the rest of the site, see this specific Custom CSS guidance.

To input specific ads in the right sidebar, you can use the “Sidebar HTML” field.

VIII. Event Page Redirect

For SEO purposes, you can setup a user that automatically redirects to an event page. This is advantageous, especially for sponsored pages, as an alternative to an event specific vanity URL because it utilizes the same URL over time.

To setup this redirect, make sure the list/user has the appropriate vanity URL and check “Auto-redirect” on the Admin list/user page. Now, that vanity URL will open the soonest event that the account has voted on.