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Vocab Review: Lenses and ECPs

Vocab Review: What's a Lens? What's an ECP?

Before getting too in-depth about creating and managing Lenses and ECPs, it's probably best to do a little vocab review.

We throw around a lot of acronyms and made-up lingo here at DoStuff and it can sometimes be hard to keep track. To make it even more fun, we sometimes switch up the meanings over time.

So before your head starts spinning, here are two terms we should define:
  • Lens: A customized view of your metro’s Event listings, or a certain cross section of those listings. When viewing a Lens, the design elements stay consistent across Lists and Event pages. Lenses can live on-site or on a third-party site and come in three different flavors:
  • ECP: An Event Calendar Partner (ECP) is a type of Lens that "lives" on a third-party partner’s site, and lists a personalized calendar of Events for their audience.

Want More?

Now that we've got that settled, let's move onto Lens creation, Setting up the Event Calendar Platform Service Agreement and how to make the most of your new ECP partnership with a Solid Launch Plan.