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Requesting an ECP Matchup from DoStuff

So you've landed an ECP partner and are ready to get DoStuff working on the design matchup?  Here's what we'd like you to do...

1. First off, when pitching an ECP, please make sure to explain the basics of the platform.  Most importantly, we want to make sure they're aware that DoStuff calendars are fully stand-alone sites (not embedded / iframe'd) since that's often a bit of a surprise to the partner.  Show them some examples of design options (i.e.  Relix | Limbo Mag | Lightning 100 | etc.).  Let us know if you need help answering any of their questions. And let us know if they have specific design requests before we get started. 

2. Once they're 100% on board, create a new user for their calendar.  Check "List" and "Autovote" on the user account.  Share this login information with the partner and walk them through how they can manually add events to their calendar and manually follow bands/venues to autovote on.  You can also offer to follow a list of bands for them if they want to add band names to a spreadsheet for us. 

3.  Create an ECP Lens record in Radmin, setup the ECPSA stuff and add the ECP on a temporary DoXYZ subdomain such as spinmagazine.dosd.com (unless the partner has already setup their CNAME record).  Here's the LearnStuff doc to explain the ECP Lens setup process if you need a refresher.  

4. Add a task to the ECP Matchup - DoStuff Design Work project and assign to Silke after inputting the details requested in the project description (partner URL, ECP URL, etc).  She and I will then get the project into our design queue and assign the task a due date so that you know when to expect the matchup to be completed.  Ideally, all communication around the calendar should happen in Asana, not email.

5. Let the partner know how they can review/approve the ECPSA.  Here's how I'd recommend explaining that stuff:
a. head to (insert the "view agreement" link from the ECP Lens page in Radmin) and enter the user name / password = (insert ECP URL's user name / password)
b. switch from "Login" to "Register" and create a new user account on your new calendar.  It's important that you create the account with your real email address, so we can tell who approved the electronic service agreement
c. once you've created an account, you will be redirected to a page where you can view & approve the ECPSA.  There's also the option to download as a PDF for you own records.
6. Ask the partner to have their webteam create a CNAME record.  Here's how I'd explain that stuff too:
In order the calendar to live on a subdomain of your domain, we'll need your webteam to make a minor DNS adjustment.  This change will allow us to publish our content on a specific subdomain of your site, but does not mean that any weight will be added to your servers.  Basically you will need to:
i. choose the subdomain that you want the calendar to live on.  Most partners choose events.______.com, calendar.______.com or shows.______.com but it can be any subdomain you're not currently using.  
 access your DNS and create a CNAME record for that subdomain, pointing the record at sites.dostuffmedia.com 
iii. drop us a note once the CNAME has been setup and we'll be able to move the calendar to that URL

As always, if you have any questions about the process above or would like help explaining anything to your new ECP partners, reach out to support@dostuffmedia.com and we'll get you the answers you need.