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ECP Introduction

So first of all, what does ECP stand for?

Event Calendar Partner. Got it.

Now what is an ECP?

An ECP is an event calendar we customize for either a media outlet, venue, or special event series. The events come from a specific DoXXX site, but the calendar’s design matches the partner’s website.

Some examples of note-worthy Media ECPs:

What makes it better for the partner than building a unique calendar for their site?

Building a unique web calendar isn’t easy. Our ECP platform solves the complications it entails and provides additional benefits. Here are the details that make it a no-brainer compared to other options:

Simple setup and maintenance
  • ​The setup requires relatively little time and effort from the partner
  • Maintaining the event listings is straightforward
Complete Customization
  • ​The look and feel of the calendar is completely customized to integrate seamlessly with the partner’s existing site
Fan Engagement
  • ​The user actions on your DoXXX events, such as votes and RSVPs, occur on ECPs
  • “Buy Tickets” links to direct users to purchase tickets
  • Because user actions on the ECP and your DoXXX are shared, fan engagement on the ECP positively impacts their selected events on DoXXX and vice versa
  • The ECP can feature your awesome DoXXX promotions as perks for their audience
  • If the ECP is interested in running their own promotions such as RSVPs and Giveaways, you can set up those promotions for them
Artist Discovery
  • Your DoXXX artist profile pages appear on ECPs as well so that fans checking out events on the ECP have the same access to artist content as they would on your site
  • This drives interest in shows and positively impacts fans DOING stuff
Media Content
  • ​Grooveshark playlist - partner selected songs that live in the ECP sidebar
  • Video - YouTube on event and artist pages
  • Images - Venue logos/photos and band logos/press photos
  • Official descriptions - for events and bands
Facebook Connect
  • ​Automatically included, this enables fans to login through Facebook to vote on events or enter RSVPs/Giveaways
  • One-click access increases the number of registrants
  • ​In order for users to vote on events or enter Giveaways, they must register for the ECP
  • When they register for the ECP, they also register for your site and newsletter
  • The ECP receives the email list of registrants
Analytics and Tracking
  • Google Analytics is embedded on every page of the ECP Traffic reports can be pulled directly from Admin
  • Every ECP site includes a corresponding mobile-friendly site for seamless browsing on popular devices
  • This serves as a strong selling point for venues

How exactly does it work?

Each ECP is associated with a user or venue on your DoXXX. There is a simple request process in Admin that will enable you to create the components necessary for the ECP. Once this request process is complete, the ECP is ready for a designer you contract to match to the partner’s site.

Media ECPs, such as those built for radio stations or special Tastemakers, are associated with a user on your DoXXX. That user can be set to automatically vote on events for followed artists or venues that will then populate the ECP listing. This requires relatively little management. OR the user can login to your DoXXX and specifically curate the ECP listing by directly voting on events. Either way, creating the list of events for a user ECP is easy as p-i-e.

Venue ECPs simply list all events listed at that venue of your DoXXX. If these are scraped in, management of the event listing is negligible.

Admin Access
​A separate Admin property will be created for each ECP to which you will have access and can grant the partner access. This should be reserved for tech savvy partners. Certain high-profile partners may merit training so that they can set-up and manage their own RSVPs and Giveaways independently, but this should be reserved for special cases only.

Sounds great for the partner. What are the benefits for our DoXXX?

The right partners provide a target market for your DoXXX, increase your traffic, grow your audience, and up your reputation in your scene.

Automatic Registration
  • ​Currently, any fan that registers on an ECP is also automatically registered for your site.
  • ​Most traffic on ECPs counts as traffic for your DoXXX BECAUSE media ECPs will carry your Featured Event and Venue ads as well as brand ads

What is DoStuff’s role in this process?

DoStuff’s role is minor, except in the case of ECPs that span across multiple metros (we call these network ECPs or NECPs). Right now, you input your request and we start the initial setup. We then give it to a web developer to matchup. You lead the relationship with your partner. So if the partner has special requests or there are issues with the ECP delivery, DoStuff will answer any questions and troubleshoot.

How much time is needed to deliver an ECP?

The setup process is relatively quick but we are in the process of transitioning and streamlining it. Currently, you can expect at least a few weeks to turn-out a new ECP.

How can I get started?

Start reaching out to the right partners! Get ideas for the right partners from our Directory of all current ECPs. Learn as much as you can in the subsequent articles about the platform to sell it best.