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ECP Service Agreements

What is An ECPSA?

The ECP Service Agreement (ECPSA) is the standard contract that says your ECP partner has permission from DoStuff and your Metro to host our Event listings on their site.

A signed ECPSA is required for every single ECP before they are allowed to add Events to their calendar and host the ECP on their site.

Generating a new ECPSA

Because every ECPSA uses standard language, we've made it easy to generate a new one right in Radmin -- no help from DoStuff Support required. The only information you need is the official contact info for your ECP partner.

When you're first setting up a new ECP in Radmin, click on the "Service Agreement" tab at the top of the form before hitting "Save". You'll be taken to an ECPSA form that looks like this:

Here's what you'll enter into each field:
  1. Customer legal name: This is the legal name of the organization you're working with (e.g. Local NPR Station, LLC). Do NOT use nicknames here. Be sure to ask your contact what the company's legal name is if you don't know.
  2. Customer address: This is the official address of the organization.
  3. Contact name: This is the person you're working with at the organization to plan the ECP. This should be someone with decision-making authority within the organization, NOT an assistant or third-party designer.
  4. Customer web site: What is the organizations primary web site?
  5. Platform URL: Where will the ECP live when it is finalized?
  6. Domain Owned By DoStuff: Check this box if the ECP will live on a metro URL (e.g. http://mokb.do317.com) or another domain owned by DoStuff. If the ECP will live on a subdomain of the customer's web site (e.g. http://events.kcrw.com), do not check this box.
If you've already entered all the required information on the "Basics" tab, you can now click "Save" to save all your ECP information (including the Service Agreement details) and create your new ECP.

Getting the ECPSA Signed

Because the ECPSA is a digital document, to get it "signed" you only need to share the URL with your ECP partner and have them click "Agree" while signed into the ECP.

Once you've set up the ECP and added the correct contact details above, you will need to send the ECPSA link to your partner. You can find this URL link in two different places.

The first is on the ECP's details page in Radmin (click on the magnifying glass icon on the main ECPs page). On the details page for the ECP, you will see a link that says "View Agreement". Click this and you'll be taken to the ECPSA page where you can then copy the URL (it will look something like this: http://exampleecp.doxyz.com/agreement/97ccd7d1215840878d78341b4e809f1f) and send it to your ECP partner for them to review and click "Agree".

You can also get to the ECPSA link by clicking the cog icon on the main ECPs page and selecting "View Agreement" from the drop-down.

You should instruct your ECP contact to click on the ECPSA link and log into their account (they will also need the site's username/password if the ECP is still locked). Once they're logged in, they can click "Agree" to officially sign the ECPSA. There's also an option to download the agreement as a PDF if they'd like a copy for their records.

You will be able to see when the ECPSA has been signed by going back to the ECP details page in Radmin. If your ECP partner has successfully clicked "Agree", their will be a note here that says when it was agreed to and by whom.

Generating an ECPSA for Existing ECPs

Although we've always had ECP Service Agreements, we weren't always the best at making sure they were generated and approved before each calendar was launched. Because of this, you may have existing ECP partners that do not have a signed service agreement in place.

When we switched the ECP process over to Radmin, we automatically generated new ECPSAs for every existing ECP in the Network. If you think you have ECPs that still haven't signed an ECPSA, you can find this ECPSA link using the instructions above and share it with your ECP contact to be signed.

If you have questions about working with existing ECP partners to get ECPSAs signed, feel free to reach out to the DoStuff Support team.

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