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ECP Management

Like all users, your ECP partners can create events on your site that they would like to feature on their ECPs or add events to their ECPs that you have already listed. Once those events exist on your site, adding events to the ECP is simple.

You venue partners do not have to manage the addition of events at all! All events listed at the venue will appear on the ECP automatically, whether created by them on your site or by you in Admin.

Your media partners have a few options:
1. Manual vote
Logged in as the user that hosts the ECP, your partner can navigate around your site and add/vote on the events that he wants to show on the ECP. He can easily check the current list of events on the ECP via the "My Profile" view on your site as he goes through the listing.

This option is ideal for partners that are more particular the events on their calendars and want to devote the time to curating them.

2. Auto-vote
You can set the user that hosts the ECP to autovote on events. This means that they can choose to follow artists and/or venues so that whenever a followed artist or venue adds a show, the user automatically votes on it and it appears on the ECP. 

This is ideal for partners less concerned with curation and more concerned with ease of management. The partner only needs to select to follow the artist or venue once to have a flow of events on the user page. For example, some music bloggers follow thousands of bands so that they do not have to explore your site frequently to manually add the number of events they wish to recommend. 

Note: If your partner has a huge number of artists to follow, we can provide a spreadsheet and upload those follows directly to their user.

3. Admin 
For more important partners, you can allow a certain level of Admin permission so they can add events with special settings via Admin. This is for partners who would like to manage their own RSVPs and Giveaways regularly. We do NOT recommend this for 99% of partners because it requires training and can lead to errors on both your site and the ECP.