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ECP Launches


Your ECPs are a primary tool for audience growth. It exposes you to your partner's audience and increases your traffic on advertised pages. Given how important ECPs are to getting you out there, it's important to launch a new ECP right. 

One of the better examples of a successful launch with a large ECP partner is HazDF's deal with Lifeboxset, an indie music news site and 558th most popular site in all of Mexico.  The Lifeboxset ECP was set up prior to HazDf's official launch, at a time when HazDF itself was getting around 500-1,000 views per week. In comparison, the first week that HazDF's calendar went live on Lifeboxset, the calendar page alone received nearly 10,000 views. With the addition of one ECP partner, HazDF increased the traffic viewing their ads by tenfold. While whom HazDF signed on as a partner was impressive, how they launched the partner was equally as important.

Just as the fundamental ECP platform is mutually beneficial to both you and your partner, you should coordinate the promotion of the ECP launch with your partner to have the most impact.  Below,  you'll see how every aspect of promotion was mirrored on Lifeboxset (on the right) and HazDF (on the left).

Ads On Site

Ads on both LifeBoxeSet and HazDF made their users aware of the partnership and how it makes sense.
 Lifeboxset Home Page
 HazDF Home Page
Translation: Never miss a concert.
Translation: Don't miss out on the new concert calendar. 

Facebook Announcements

Facebook fans of both received the news in photos and content promotion posts.
 Lifeboxset Facebook Page & Announcement PostLifeboxset 3.png

Lifeboxset 4.png
Translation: 10 more days until Dream Theater is in Mexico! Have you put it in your calendar already?
 HazDF Facebook Announcement

Twitter Announcements

Both used Twitter similarly to Facebook to announce the partnership and share content.
 Lifeboxset Tweet Linking To ECP

Lifeboxset 5.png

 HazDF Twitter Announcement
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Translation: Today is the day Lifeboxset launches the best concert calendar in Mexico City.

ECP Win-Win

All of this meant that new users of HazDF knew that the site was powering the calendar of an established media property. Plus, regular users of Lifeboxset couldn't help but see the addition of a new calendar service, especially with Lifeboxset literally highlighting the link to the calendar in their main navigation:

Lifeboxset Highlighted Calendar.png

Thanks to all of this, Lifeboxset got a great calendar solution they can be proud of, and HazDF got 10 times their typical weekly traffic. 

If you follow a similar coordinated plan every time you launch a significant new ECP partner, there's no reason you can't duplicate this success for your site too.