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Ready to build an ECP? Here's what you need to do...

What DoStuff needs from you when you're ready to build a new ECP:
1. create the ECPs user account and vote on at least a few events so we have content to work with when designing the ECP.  If the partner is going to auto-vote on followed artists &/or venues, you should check "Auto-vote?" on the user page in Radmin.  

2. create the ECP Lens record in Radmin, fill out the ECPSA fields with the partner's information and add the ECP on a temporary DoXYZ subdomain such as spinmagazine.doxyz.com (unless the partner has already setup their CNAME record).  At a later date, we'll then move the ECP over to a subdomain of the partner's domain before launching the calendar. 

3. Add a task to the DESIGN: ECP Matchups (and Lenses) Asana project and assign to Silke after inputting the details requested in the description task.  Silke will then assign a date when you can expect for the ECP to be ready for review and follow up with you via Asana.  General rule of thumb is to allow 2 weeks for the design, though we're often able to knock them out faster.

Things to discuss with the partner:
1. Teach the partner how to login on DoXYZ with their ECP user and use the upvote button to add shows to their calendar.  They can also "unvote" on events to remove them from their calendar (as long as it's not an event that they auto-voted on).  

2. If the partner is interested in auto-voting on bands or venues, teach them how to search for & follow those entities when logged in on DoXYZ.   Note that auto-voting occurs roughly every 24 hours.  Also important to note that an auto-voting user will "revote" on any events that the partner tries to manually unvote on.  Because of these limitations, it's always preferred if the partner has someone to manually manage their calendar's content, but understand that's not always feasible.  

3. Show the partner how to review and approve the ECPSA.  There's also the option to download as a PDF for you their/your own records.
4. Ask if they have a Google Analytics ID they would like us to include on the calendar, so that all traffic on our pages is added to their own account.  Analytics IDs always start with "UA-" so if they send something that doesn't, let us know before trying to add it to the ECP Lens record in Radmin.

5. Let the partner know that we'll need them to create a CNAME record so we can publish our page on a subdomain of their domain, instead of a subdomain of ours.  Here's how I tend to phrase that stuff:
In order for our calendar to live on a subdomain of your domain (ideal for SEO and seamless integration between your site & our new pages), we'll need your webteam to make a minor DNS adjustment.  This change will allow us to publish our content on a specific subdomain of your site, but does not mean that anything will be hosted on your servers.  Here's what we'll need:
i. choose the subdomain you'd like our calendar pages to live on.  Most partners choose events.______.comcalendar.______.com or shows.______.com but it can actually be any subdomain you're not currently using.
ii. access your DNS and create a CNAME record for that subdomain, pointing the record at sites.dostuffmedia.com 
iii. drop us a note once the CNAME has been setup and we'll then be able to move the calendar to that URL.
iv. once you've approved the final design and are ready to launch your calendar, we'll just need you to add a link in your header & footer directing users to the calendar pages (or update your existing calendar navigation menu link if you already have one).