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Seattle Weekly

 Do210Vapure SA  SA Local Music Week
 Do214Guide Live
Good Bamm Sho 
 Dallas Sites 101
 Downtown Dallas
 Do250  CVV Magazine
The Zone
 Do312  Live Wire (old)
Late Bar
Cramer PR (old)
Mix 105.1 (old)
UR Chicago (old)

 Do314   The Grove
Music Record Shop
Blu (old)
Newday (old)
Broad Ripple Village
SF Critic (old)
 Noise Pop Festival
Oakland Central
 Do502 Galaxie Bar  
 Do503  Discover Portland 

 Do604 Red Truck Beer
The Waldorf
Vancouver Is Awesome
Lindsay's Diet
 Fond Object Records
 Do617   Wers 
LA Record (old)
Get Downtown
Santa Monica Pier
Lolipop Records
 doNYC  Bar Chord
Okayafrica (old)
Okayfuture (old)
 HazDF    Sicario
Animal Politico
Ibero 90.9
CoolHunter MX
Joyride Magazine
Life Box Set
Los Imas
 DoSD     Lafayette Hotel  
 National ECPs