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Creating Lenses and ECPs


The Lens creation process in Radmin is designed to allow you to create and manage Lenses and ECPs completely independent of the DoStuff support team.

Most of you remember the old days when the "process" was really just a long email string between you and DoStuff. Now, you can create the URL for a new Lens or ECP, work with your web designer on the layout, give your partners the ability to add Events, and launch the new page without any help from DoStuff. The support team is still available when needed, but the time saved on your end is dramatic.

The steps for creating any type of Lens -- ECP, Metro, or Conference -- are practically identical, but since ECPs are the most complex we'll use those for our example.

Creating a new ECP in Radmin

With Radmin you can automate a large portion of ECP set up -- from emailing designers to creating the URL to building a service agreement. In fact, our goal is to give you the ability to build an entire ECP from start to finish without DoStuff’s help whatsoever.

To create a new ECP in Radmin, you'll click “New Lens” in the top-right of the ECPs page and be taken to this form:

Here's what you'll enter into each field:
  1. Title: What's the ECP going to be called?
  2. Mode: What type of Lens are you building? (Hint: You’re building an ECP.)
  3. User: Enter the email of the user that will be voting on Events for the ECP. (Note: They must be a registered user on your site before you can create the ECP.)
  4. Original URL: Paste the URL for your ECP partner's website so your designer can match the design and layout. (Note: This field only appears for ECPs.)
  5. Designers: Enter the email of the designer(s) that will be building the ECP. As soon as the ECP is created, they will be notified along with a link to their Radmin Dashboard so they can get started. (Note: This field only appears for ECPs.)
  6. Domain: What will the Lens' domain URL be? This will create a new URL on our server. (Note: You must create a URL ending in your metro's domain name to get started -- e.g. ecpname.doxxx.com. Later on you can redirect to a partner's domain URL if that was part of the agreement.)
  7. Locked Username: Is the Locked box checked? This is the username that will be used to access the ECP before it's unlocked (be sure to give to you designer and parters).
  8. Locked Password: Is the Locked box checked? This is the password that will be used to access the ECP before it's unlocked.
Before you press 'Save', click on the Service Agreement tab at the top of the form to enter the contact details for your ECP partner. 

The Service Agreement is a standard contract generated for all ECPs and basically says that DoStuff gives the partner permission to host our Event listings on their site. Enter the required info on this tab and press "Save".

ECP Next Steps

A number of things will happen when you finish all these steps. First and foremost, the ECP will be created and will be visible in your Lenses tab in Radmin.

In addition: 
  1. The ECP domain URL will be added to our server automatically;
  2. your designer will receive an email with the relevant details and instructions for building the ECP; and 
  3. a Service Agreement will be generated using the contact details you entered earlier.

From this point, you can work 1-on-1 with your designer and ECP contact to finalize the site design, get the Service Agreement "signed", and decide on a launch date. 

But before you launch the ECP, it's your responsibility to make sure your partner reads the Service Agreement and clicks "Agree" while logged into their account. To find the link to the Service Agreement at any time, click "View Agreement" on the ECP's details page in Radmin, or through the cog menu on the main ECP page.

Want More?

Want to learn more about Lenses and ECPs? Click here to learn about getting an ECP Service Agreement signed, contracting a developer to design the site, and launching the ECP. To learn more about Radmin click here.