Lenses & ECPs

All the information you need regarding Event Calendar Partners can be found here!


  • Find out about the Features & Benefits of ECPs
  • What's a Lens? What's an ECP? Can you use them in a sentence, please?


  • Find all our network partners

ECP Documents

  • Get the proposal template and guidance for your contractors

Creating Lenses and ECPs in Radmin

  • Step by step instructions for creating new Lenses and ECPs in Radmin

Ready to build an ECP? Here's what to do...

  • Next steps for you & the ECP partner once you're ready to build one out.
  • Learn how to generate a Service Agreement for new ECPs and how to get it signed by your partner


  • Keeping up the calendars for both venue and media ECPs


  • How to make the most of your new ECP partnership from the beginning!

Reporting Stats

  • Google Analytics guidance for ECP vs. site traffic

Conference Lens Setup

Contract a Developer

  • How to find and manage a developer for matchups