Creating An Event-Specific Template

You may want to create an event-specific version of your RSVP template. Perhaps you are partnering with Goose Island to throw a private Alabama Shakes concert and want the confirmation emails to look like this:

Goose RSVP.png

To customize your default RSVP template, you'll first need to log into Mandrill.

  • Log into Mandrill by:
    • Logging into MailChimp
    • Visiting

  • Next, to get started creating an event-specific template:
    • Locate an event for which you would like to produce a template in Radmin

    • Click the COG wheel on the right side of the screen

    • Click ‘RSVP’

    • Click ‘Email’

    • Make sure ‘Send Confirmation Email?’ is checked

    • Select ‘Event-specific RSVP Email’

    • Click ‘Create a new template’

    • Give the template a title

    • Click ‘Create a new template’

After following these steps, you should see a screen like this:


Your next step is to click ‘manage template’ to get started editing your template in Mandrill.

Before proceeding, it is important to note that users will not start receiving your customized event-specific emails until:

  • You have ‘published’ your new template within Mandrill.

  • You have (then) clicked ‘Save’ on the RSVP Emails screen in Radmin.

Once you click ‘manage template’, you will be brought to Mandrill to create your event-specific template. You will see a large block of editable HTML on the right side of your screen. 

This is your current default RSVP confirmation email, which you will then edit in order to create your event-specific version.

Adding a Sponsored Header

Our recommended image dimensions for a sponsored header image are 600 x 140.

Goose Header RSVP.png

To replace your metro’s cover image with a sponsored header:

  • Upload your new image to Radmin -> Assets and copy the resulting URL

  • Head to line 87 of the HTML

  • Replace the ‘a href’ link with the URL of your sponsored event page (or list)

  • Replace the ‘img src’ URL with your new image URL

  • Change the width parameter to ‘600’ (or whatever the width of your image is)

  • Change the ‘max-width’ style parameter to ‘600’ (or whatever the width of your image is)

  • Replace the ‘height’ parameter with the height of your image

Image Properties.png

Changing The Event Image

By default, your RSVP confirmation emails will inherit the cover image of their respective event. If you would like to edit this image to something else, please:

  • Upload your new image to Radmin -> Assets and copy the resulting URL
  • Head to line 111 of the HTML
  • Delete the following 5 items from the code:

  • On line 113, you will see img src="{{image_base}}w_214/{{image_path}}"
  • Replace the {{image_base}}w_214/{{image_path}} portion of that URL with your image's URL

Adjusting The Copy

The body copy for these emails lives on line 124 and includes the following variable tokens: {{event_url}}, {{event_title}}, {{venue_title}} and {{event_time}}. Please feel free to modify this copy to add some local pizzazz to these emails - but do not modify the variable tokens. Either move them around, delete them or leave them be - just don’t edit them.

Body Copy.png

The footer copy for these emails begins on line 226. If you’re editing the footer copy and links, then we assume that you’re comfortable using HTML to do so. If you’re not, please send your copy changes to Support and they will happily update your template for you.


Adding a Sponsored Footer Image

Our recommended sizing for sponsored footer images is 600 x 100.

What does luck.png

To insert a sponsored footer image:

  • The first step will be to borrow your header logo's HTML in order to make sure that your footer logo displays correctly on both desktop and mobile. To do this:
  • Navigate to line 85 of your HTML

  • Copy ALL of your logo's HTML

  • Navigate to line 236 of your code.

  • Paste in that HTML there.

  • Upload the desired footer image to your Radmin -> Assets and copy the resulting URL.

  • Replace the ‘img src’ URL with your new image URL

  • Change the 'width', 'max-width' and 'height' parameters to match the dimensions of your new image.

  • Preview your changes!

Saving Changes

Remember that your changes will not be made live until you hit ‘Publish’ and then save the template settings in Radmin.

Be sure to test your changes before you publish (by sending tests to yourself) and also after you publish (by actually RSVPing for the event).

Have questions about building an event-specific RSVP template? Reach out to Support!

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