Customizing your RSVP confirmation emails

Note: Customizing your Mandrill email templates requires knowledge of basic HTML and the ability to modify tags such as <img> and <a>. This guide assumes that you already know how to use those tags. If you do not feel confident editing links or photos in HTML, then please do not attempt to modify your templates without the help of Support.

RSVP Confirmation Emails

By default, all of your RSVP events will send users a confirmation email using your standard RSVP template.

Standard RSVP Email.png

You may modify your default RSVP email template or create an ‘event-specific RSVP email’ to suit a particular event’s needs. A few things to note about ‘event-specific RSVP emails’:

  • Multiple events can utilize the same ‘event-specific RSVP email’, so if you need 5 Goose Island RSVP events to use the same special template, you’ll only need to build that template once.

  • The process for building event-specific RSVP emails involves you making edits to the existing RSVP template - as opposed to requiring that you create an entire new RSVP template from scratch. Therefore, customizing your RSVP emails should take no more than 15 minutes per email (not including time needed to design images).