Voto Latino Partnership - Content Directive 9/14


 Tomorrow (September 15th) kicks off Latinx Heritage Month, and we've teamed up with Voto Latino to help empower and inspire our Latinx audience to vote in the upcoming election. This is a separate initiative from our ongoing partnership with Headcount, specifically designed to engage with our Latinx community.

 We want to get our Latinx audience to register to vote by:
 And we have three specific asks to make that happen:

 1. Make posts on your social media channels promoting the above registration page and text-to-register option using this sample copy and these creative assets. Please include both English and Spanish copy whenever posting on social. (We've asked the Voto Latino team for an Instagram Story graphic, and will add it to the folder once we have it.) We recommend at least one post on each social media channel every week from now through your state's voter registration deadline. Check out this example Tweet as a reference.

 2. Include two content blocks in daily emails this month encouraging users to register to vote via the above registration page and text-to-register option, using this sample copy as a jumping-off point and this image asset. Please write your email copy in English only; check out this example content block for reference.

 A note for those who are not fluent in Spanish: Since the social posts should be in English and Spanish, we're asking you to use the exact sample copy (or portions of it) that Voto Latino has provided on social, so that the English matches the Spanish. Since the email copy should be in English (only), feel free to use the Voto Latino copy as a jumping-off point and put a bit more of your own voice into it.

 3. Run some Voto Latino display ads on your site, as inventory allows, linking to These ads should run from now through your state's voter registration deadline.

 Of course, these means of registering aren't limited to just Latinx users. All are welcome, and every vote counts!

 This initiative is supplemental to our ongoing partnership with Headcount. Please keep featuring relevant election-related news on your email and social channels alongside our dedicated registration link. Who has promoted any interesting coverage lately? Any big wins to share?

 Please let us know what questions you have! We thank you greatly for your help in encouraging everyone to vote in this election!