Platform Image Updates - Content Directive - March 8, 2021

Hey everybody!


As you are all likely aware, we’ve been hit with a bunch of image lawsuits in the past year. 


We’re planning to deploy new features tomorrow (Tuesday) night to help reduce the frequency of these lawsuits and aid our defense when they occur:

  • Whenever anyone on our team adds an image to a new or existing Event, Venue, Artist or User page via either Radmin or the front-end*, they will be prompted to fill out two new fields (example):

    • Source (required) - An open-ended field that records where the image was pulled from. (Eg - "Unsplash")

    • Screenshot (optional) - Allows users to upload a screenshot of the image's source (relevant for royalty-free sites; not relevant for publicist emails). Please use it whenever relevant.

  • On the front-end, these fields will be accompanied by an expandable "?" modal that will detail our recently-updated image guidelines for all uploaders.

  • Image logs will be added to all of Radmin's Event, Venue, Artist, and User pages that will display all historical changes to all images associated with the respective page. These will include records of Sources and Screenshots.

* The front-end versions of these fields will only be shown to users with Radmin permissions. They will not be shown to clients, partners, and regular users. (We’re not liable for their uploads since they’re outside of our company.) So nothing will change for users who do not work for (or intern for) us.

Please be sure to add the ‘Manager’ permission to your ‘Top Picks’ user and any others that you use to edit events on the front-end so you can fill out these fields when checking your front pages and making changes via the front-end of your site. This includes ensuring that all interns have the requisite permission as well.

There’s no denying that these new fields will add some work to the processes around creating and updating these pages, but it’s valuable time spent: We have to do this.


That said, we want to hear from you once we roll these out: Are there any optimizations that we should consider to make these fields easier to fill out? How can we improve our image guidelines to be more helpful? Let us know!


This upcoming deployment does not apply to editorial (/p) pages; our product team is working on a similar set of features for them that will be ready in the near future. We'll keep you posted.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Yours in artwork and legalese,