National CBD Day: Content Directive + Affiliate Links (8/6/20)

 Hey Squad -

 This Saturday, August 8th is National CBD Day (read more via Leafly) and many of your local CBD spots will likely be offering discounts. We highly recommend either...
  • creating a 'National CBD Day Deals in City Name' page OR
  • updating your 'Where to Buy CBD in City Name' page with local deals for the holiday
 ... depending on your team's local bandwidth and how many deals are happening in your city.

 To supplement your local initiatives - and to help monetize your content efforts - we've lined up 5 national CBD affiliate partners offering deals to celebrate the holiday. These deals are live now. Add them to your content and get paid for every sale you drive. 

 Please be aware: You'll need to promote the links and not just the promo codes, because if people purchase with the promo codes without clicking on the links, we don't get credit for the sales.

 While this content likely won't accrue as many page views as, say, our COVID-19 updates pages, it's still super important to create in order to further align our content strategy with the cannabis industry, which is a swiftly-increasing revenue stream for our network.

 A big thanks to our affiliate wiz, Nick, for putting these together.

 Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like any recommendations about how to approach the holiday in your city.