Latinx-Owned Restaurants: Content Directive 9/16


 As part of our ongoing efforts to...
  • celebrate Latinx Heritage Month (which started yesterday and kicked off with this content directive)
  • be more inclusive with our content
  • better highlight minority-owned businesses
 ... today's content directive is to create a guide (/p page) to Latinx-Owned Restaurants in your city.

 You'll want to include restaurants of all genres in this guide: not just Latinx-Owned Latin Restaurants, but also Latinx-Owned Bakeries, Coffee Shops, Pizza Spots, anything!

 Before getting started, we'd recommend reviewing this guide to creating editorial (/p) pages and this guide to sourcing content

 Page Type: Editorial (/p) page
 Page Title: Latinx-Owned Restaurants in City Name
 Page URL: /p/-latinx-owned-restaurants-in-city-name

 Please let us know what questions you have!