Introducing 'DoStuff & Vote' - Content Directive 8/17

 Friends -

 Hope everyone is doing well.

 All elections are important but the upcoming general election is especially so. We'll be devoting a significant portion of our content, as well as our content directives, toward driving education and action.

 Expect many content directives regarding voting initiatives between now and November, and expect them to keep continuing (albeit at a slower clip) after this election and beyond. This is something we've always wanted to do more of on an organized, national front - and now we are! 

 First off, our voting initiatives have a BRAND: DoStuff & Vote. Please keep that in mind whenever it makes sense to reference this vertical by name.

 We're going to be doing a lot around this election (sharing information about what different races mean, encouraging volunteering at polling places, and much more) BUT it all starts with registration: You have to be registered to vote to have your voice heard.

 So, we've teamed up with Headcount to launch our own voter registration form - Big thanks to JMAT Bernal, our Sales Marketing & Experiential Mastermind, for making this happen. Headcount will report registrations weekly, so we can tell the story of how many people we, as a network, have registered to vote, to help inspire further action. Please use this link whenever encouraging users to register to vote!

 What's a good way to encourage users to register to vote? To share information related to the election in your daily email! 

 For instance, Maddie Sensibile, Content Manager Extraordinaire of DoLA, astutely asked if DoLA should share the news of Kamala Harris being tapped for the Democratic VP nomination in DoLA's daily email -- and the answer there is YES! And to do it (1) without any added color of our own (just stating the facts) and (2) paired with a CTA for people to register to vote. Check out DoLA's Tuesday email for an example of this executed well -- and don't forget to include this news in your subject line tests.

 We already know that including news content in our daily emails has an incredibly positive effect on their open rate and overall engagement. Our voter registration initiative is the perfect opportunity to allow you to include news concerning local and national elections within your emails alongside a meaningful, appropriate CTA. 

 JMAT and I will drop relevant news into Slack as its announced to help catalyze these efforts, but please don't wait for us to get started with this approach of sharing local and national election news in your emails paired with a CTA to register to vote ( We recommend featuring this content in at least one content block per week from now through the election - whenever there's news worth sharing.

 Please let us know what questions you have, and look out for much more election-related directives from us. Now, let's DoStuff and vote!