Independent Venue Week Goes Virtual - Content Directive 9/24

Independent Venue Week Goes Virtual

Independent Venue Week is going virtual this year. It's happening October 24th - 30th, raising money for the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund to help #SaveOurStages.

If you haven't already done so, please read this press release.

We want to be involved in three ways:

1. Promoting local events to our audience:
  • Collect all local events on a user list (/independent-venue-week-events-in-city-name) as they're announced (we'll help give you a heads up as the announcements begin)
  • DoStuff will spruce up the user list with custom design elements 
  • Promote the user lists on site, email and social.
2. Getting involved with the events themselves:
  • Speaking on panels
  • Presenting and co-presenting concerts and events
  • Curating events
Reach out to your local venues NOW and tell them that you want to be involved in these events. We're important voices in our communities and are doing a lot to help save the scene (cough - amplification projects!); let's have our voices heard and contribute to the conversation.

3. Leveraging the events for partnerships and contesting.
  • Remind local venues that contests are the best way to drive engagement on our platform. Let's do our darndest to make some partnerships and promotions happen around these events as they come together.
Please let us know how we can help your efforts locally!

Add 'Updated' Dates to Editorial Pages

Especially during a global pandemic (but also, really, all the time), it can be difficult for users landing on editorial pages such as 'Best New Restaurants' and 'Best Patios' to tell if those pages are up to date and/or still relevant, especially if they're arriving through organic search.

For this reason, we recommend placing a "Updated" date near the top of your editorial pages.

This also helps your team stay aligned about this information.

Thanks for reading, gang! ❤️