Content Directive: Monday, 3/16

 Hey team -

 We'll regularly email the network with replicable content ideas as we navigate this ever-changing landscape around COVID-19.
 Today's assignment is to replicate this piece by Do312: What You Can Do To Help Your City's Service Industry.

 To source content for the page, Do312 created this Google Form and then promoted it on Twitter & IG Stories. They also reached out on their personal social channels and texted their personal industry contacts. We'd also recommend including calls for submissions in your daily email. Since adding links to posts on Facebook tends to decrease reach, we recommend not including the Google Form URL in your original post, and instead making a text-only post like this for your Facebook post.

 We recommend copying this article's title and URL exactly, and just swapping in your city's name for Chicago. If your city has multiple words, be sure to put a hyphen between them (eg /p/what-you-can-do-to-help-the-los-angeles-service-industry).
 Please let us know if you have any questions as you replicate.

 We'll be back with another content recommendation tomorrow! We'll also be sharing these winners to DoStuff's Facebook page as they go live.

 Stay safe everyone.

 ❤ ️