Content Directive: Wednesday, May 6th

 Children of the Stuff -

 Mother's Day is coming - and with it, lots of potential engagement.

 Today's content directive is create a Mother's Day Gift Guide for your city:
  • page type: article
  • title: Mother's Day Gift Ideas for City Name Moms
  • URL: /p/mothers-day-gift-ideas-for-city-name-moms
 When creating your guide, please:
  • keep it local 
  • keep it sensitive and in-line with the local landscape
  • include flower delivery options (where available)
  • highlight any specials that local restaurants may be running
  • consider including relevant businesses that submitted for amplification project grants
  • link to other relevant guides (restaurants that deliver, booze-2-go, etc) from within this page
  • don't forget about our guide to sourcing content
 Pro tip: Google "Mother's Day DoXYZ" and see what comes up. Let us know if we can help merge / redirect any old pages into new ones.

 Need some entertainment while you're writing? DoTheBay has announced a pretty badass livestream series.