Content Directive: Wednesday, June 3rd

 Hey everyone -

 Here is the plan for our daily emails for the rest of the week. Please let us know what questions you have.

 Please mirror the above strategy on social: Focus on amplifying local Black voices and highlighting meaningful ways for people to help in the community. Feel free to sprinkle in other content that is unrelated to the protests; just keep it appropriate.

 Read the room on what is going on locally. If building guides to Local Black-Owned Businesses, Restaurants, etc that people can support seems like a good move, then we highly recommend making them. It's important to be sensitive to the fact that the following two things are true:
  • many people want to support Black-owned businesses (we saw this, for instance, in responses to Monday's email)
  • especially when tensions are heightened, highlighting certain businesses can sometimes make them targets
 If you have any doubt as to the right content to publish (and when to publish it), please let us know. We're here.

 Thank you all so incredibly much.