Content Directive: Wednesday, June 10th

 Hey everyone -

 Monetize Your 'Masks' Pages

 We've teamed up with our buds at FEVO to help monetize our 'Where To Buy Masks' pages and do some good while we're at it. FEVO has partnered with Cirrus Healthcare Products to bring affordable protective mask options to the masses. They're donating a portion of proceeds to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. We also get to keep $3 for every box that we sell. 

 Find your city's unique FEVO link heresome sample copy here (feel free to edit), and some promotional images here. Please integrate this offer at the top of your 'Masks' page to start earning (example here). Want a hand with the integration? I'd be happy to help; just give me a shout. This initiative is open to all US cities! (Canada buds, we'll hook you up next time round.) If you have a 'local' masks page, I'd recommend leading off the article with this inclusion, and focus in on the angles of helping WHO and buying masks for friends and family around the country.

 Please make sure you have a 'Where to Buy Face Masks' page; these pages are super useful and among our best-performing content. If you don't have a 'Masks' page, please build one ASAP. 

 Protest Event Pages & User Lists

 The network's one and two highest-trafficked pages over the past week are both user lists of protests. The 3rd, 4th and 5th most-trafficked pages have been event pages for protests. Hopefully it goes without saying that everyone needs to be:
  • creating event pages for all protests happening in your city
  • collecting those event pages on user lists (protests-and-marches-in-city-name)
  • promoting those user lists across your channels 
 Please be on the lookout for fake protest postings (thanks to Matt McDonald for the tip!):
  • The best first place to look is your local Black Lives Matter branch's Facebook page (example).
  • Follow trusted local leaders (example) and see which protests they're supporting.
 Photo Credits

 When pulling royalty-free photographs from websites like Unsplash, please do give credit to the original photographers whenever possible. Let's show them some love for their work!

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