Content Directive: Wednesday, July 15th

 Team -

 Without support from Congress, many of our independent venues, festivals & promoters will be forced to close forever. 

 But! There is good news: A bill dubbed “The RESTART Act” has been introduced to Congress that would be MASSIVELY helpful in keeping these businesses alive.

 We need this bill to pass.

 Today's content directive is to send this dedicated email to your full list ASAP to help put the power of our network behind this bill.

 You will note that the provided copy has a space where you should add quotes from a few local venues, festivals & promoters. To find those, I would start by checking out the social channels of your scene's most beloved to find posts like this to draw quotes from. You'll likely find a ton of additional communication by searching your inbox for "saveourstages." Please keep your quotes short and sweet, likely 1 sentence tops.

 Please make sure that you use the URL on all relevant links, so that the NIVA team knows we're helping them out.

 Go. Do!