Content Directive: Thursday, 4/9

 Pro tips galore!

 Many of you have asked for guidance on how to best source content for editorial pages, so we enlisted the help of Chicago Sorcerer Extraordinaire, Katie Karpowicz, to share her wisdom. Presenting: The DoStuff Guide To Sourcing Content!

 Now, let's talk Instagram:
  • Use your site's Feed page as your bio link. Then, you can reference a 'link in bio' for multiple posts with ease. Don't use 3rd-party tools for your bio link: This robs us of traffic that could be sent to the Feed, and it makes for a less desirable user experience. Plus, it creates more work.
  • Don't forget the concert photos! I see a lot of compelling content on our IG Feeds, but not enough musical/concert content. Concert photography may not always get as much engagement as food and lifestyle content, but that can't be a reason to abandon our brand. It's not all about engagement, after all! Music is the backbone of our brand; let's make sure all of our channels reflect that. Plus, we have so many awesome concert photographers in our network (receiving these emails!). Let's showcase their work! (Just ask first, please.)
  • 'Link in bio' posts are great - in moderation. How often do you want to leave Instagram when you're scrolling through your Feed? Rather than using your IG Feed to drive traffic to your site, use it to create inspiring, engaging content that can be consumed and engaged with on Instagram. If you need to send more traffic to a piece, feature it in another email: That will make a much bigger difference.
 On that note, let's talk email:
  • Since COVID-19 broke out in America, email has become our #1 traffic source, accounting for 49% of all network-wide site visits since March 23.
  • It's now more important than ever to double down and make sure your emails are everything they can be:
    • If you're not A|B testing your subject lines and sending the winning line to a majority of your list, you're effing up. This is the easiest way to increase email engagement. (Documentation for MailChimp and Emarsys).
    • If you're not using every available content block, you're effing up.
    • If you're not taking advantage of the fact that so many top-tier artists are announcing livestreams on the daily, and can therefore be featured in your email subject lines and content blocks to drive engagement, then you're EFFING UP.
    • If you're one of the lucky four cities sending on Emarsys, you essentially have unlimited email inventory: Be mindful of all the awesome existing content you can repurpose and feature towards the end of your emails.
 Now I'm going to drive this email's CTR up and repurpose four majestical links you should bookmark:
 Anecdote! Last night, my fiancé Googled a livestream and 9 of the first 10 results were our sites. There was #DoStuffAtHome written all over her screen. That's. Effing. Amazing.