Content Directive: Wednesday, 4/22


 We're teaming up with Riot Fest to throw a 'Sanitize a Punk Album' competition across our network. This is going to be so awesome. Some much-needed levity in our worlds. And something to look forward to!

 This is the latest in a series of hilariously epic and amazing contests we've done with Riot Fest. Past examples include: Pizzafy a Punk Album, Catify a Punk Album, and Puppify a Punk Album.

 Here's how this will work:
  • We'll build a landing page on our network site,
  • We'll invite users to create their own sanitized punk album covers and upload them to the page: Make a cover cleaner, make the subjects 6 feet apart, cover it in toilet paper, get creative. Photoshop it, MS Paint it, draw it, sculpt it, whatever!
  • We'll accept submissions for ~2 weeks (still nailing down exact timing).
  • Once the submission period closes, everyone will be allowed to vote daily on their favorite submissions for ~1 week. If this ends up anything like previous competitions, there will be some hilarious ones.
  • The winning submitter gets a pair of VIP passes to Riot Fest and roundtrip airfare from any US city.
  • We'll collect the email address and zip code of all entrants and voters to build our email lists.
 Today's content directive is to participate in this contest! Just reply back to this email to let me know that you're in. (O&Os, you're already in.)

 This contest is a content win^4, as it gives us:
  • an awesome piece of content that will play well on email and social
  • new mail list users to grow our audience
  • a great marketing look -- to be doing something so rad and timely, with a festival as awesome as Riot Fest
  • a chance to hook one of our users up with an incredible experience
 The landing page, contest assets, and final timing will be coming very soon -- but I wanted to give you a heads up now. We're hoping to launch by Thursday 4/30 at the latest. 

 I'll build an Asana project and schedule all of the deliverables + assets in there, for easy execution.

 Stay cleanly,