Content Directive: Wednesday, 4/15


 The network's highest-trafficked page of the week so far is DoLA's guide to Non-Medical Face Masks From Local Businesses: It has accrued over 7,000 page views in two days, almost entirely from this email, already placing it within LA's two highest-trafficked COVID-era pages, second only to Cannabis Delivery Services.

 Today's content directive is to replicate this piece in your market. Whatever your city's legal requirements may be, there's no denying that masks are HOT right now, and it's best to encourage our users to shop local and non-medical. For your piece, we recommend the title "(City Name) Businesses Selling Non-Medical Face Masks" and the URL "/p/city-name-businesses-selling-non-medical-face-masks-during-covid-19".

 Major props to DoLA's Maddie Sensibile for ideating and writing this piece. Here's what she had to say about how it came together:

I began seeing a ton of local businesses I follow on Instagram posting about their initiatives to make masks, so I thought, why not do a piece on this as new regulations are put in place to wear masks outside? I then put up an IG story Q+A box on my own IG, and asked people to send me local businesses making non-medical masks. I did some more research, compiled the piece, and then shared on my socials when it was ready. One of the brands mentioned, Dolan, personally reached out to let us know that on Monday, when we published it, our link was the top referrer to them for sales. 

Liz has also added promotional visual assets for this piece to our #DoStuffAtHome Editorial Creative Folder. Thanks so much to Maddie and Liz. Go forth and replicate! ❤