Content Directive: Wednesday, 3/18

 Hey team -

 We hope everyone is staying safe.

 Yesterday, we discussed our daily listings: how to hide irrelevant events and surface only livestreams and digital content on your front pages. (If you haven't read that update yet, go do that now!)

 Today's directive is to create a user list for the Best Livestreams by Local Artists in your city.

 To use Nashville as an example, the title of the page should be: Best Livestreams by Nashville Artists; the URL should be /best-livestreams-by-nashville-artists.

 For a refresher on user lists, please check out this article

 Some notes on how to list livestreams and virtual events:
  • Use a separate event page for each livestream / virtual event.
    • If a livestream is part of a series, use an ongoing or weekly repeating event page, and set it to display in the main listings.
  • Be sure to set the event's category to one that displays on your home page.
  • Set the venue to #DoStuffAtHome. It's very important for us to keep marketing that brand. 
    • Please read Scott's email from earlier today if you haven't already.
    • Please use the following text (or similar) for the venue description: "DoStuff At Home is about helping you find stuff to do while you’re stuck not being able to go out to enjoy the live music/entertainment community in your city."
  • Embed relevant media within the event description of the page.
    • If you can only embed a video for a past livestream or music video from the artist, that's still worth including. The more info, the better. Make your listings look impressive! 
    • Stuart has built a page with best practices for embedding videos and streams. He'll keep adding to this throughout the week. If you're looking to embed a platform's content that isn't mentioned here, please let me know and we'll do our best to add it.
  • We encourage listing both local and national streams in your site's listings -- but only local streams should be featured on the requested user list.
 To source livestream info from local artists, we recommend creating a Google Form like this and promoting it via your daily email, Twitter and IG Stories. Since adding links to posts on Facebook tends to decrease reach, we recommend making text-only posts on your city's page as well as your personal pages when requesting intel. Ask bands if they're livestreaming AND how we can help support them. Engage them as best we can: We want to be present and supportive for them in this time of need.

 We'll be sending out a sales sheet for this content piece later today, with more resources for other relevant pieces coming very soon.

 Please let us know if you have any questions on today's assignment. And keep washing those hands!