Content Directive: Ways to Support Our Asian Communities + A Product Update

Look over here! It’s a CONTENT DIRECTIVE:

Ways to Support Our Asian Communities

Many of you have asked for recommendations on the best ways to support our Asian communities after last week’s horrendous shootings in Atlanta and the continued assaults and hate crimes against Asians across the country. 

Here are our recommendations, courtesy of the Intersectionality Committee: 

Concept 1:

Revive your ‘Protests & Activism’ user lists to highlight protests in your city that support both the Asian community and all marginalized/victimized communities, plus anything else that’s worthy of protestin’. Gun laws, anyone?

Recommended Title: Protests & Activism in City Name

Recommended URL: /protests-and-activism-in-city-name

Concept 2:

Badass Asian Artists In (City Name) - A content piece featuring local artists and bands with an accompanying playlist and links to buy their music and merch. You know the deal by now (I hope?!). These pieces are always going to be rad ways to lift up marginalized communities that fit naturally within the context of our art-focused local brands.

Recommended Title: Badass Asian Artists in City Name

Recommended URL: /p/badass-asian-artists-in-city-name

Concept 3: 

Asian-Owned Businesses to Support - An editorial piece highlighting Asian-owned local businesses, restaurants, brands, etc. The best versions of these pieces cover a variety of neighborhoods, businesses, price points, and verticals.

Recommended Title: Asian-Owned Businesses to Support in City Name

Recommended URL: /p/asian-owned-businesses-to-support-in-city-name

Concept 4: 

Community Resources / Organizations - A /p/ page of local community resources and organizations. This should be constantly evolving and ever-expanding. Don’t forget to invite users to share resources.

Recommended Title: Asian Community Resources in City Name

Recommended URL: /p/asian-community-resources-in-city-name

The Intersectionality Committee and I are here for ANY questions you have and we LOVE looking at drafts. Let us know how we can be helpful.

Solo soldiers and people on smaller teams! Let’s chat about how and when and where to rock these out. Hit me up.

Arthur Still Has It

Speaking of helpful, our beloved Scottish developer, Arthur, is just crushing it lately and has made a number of platform tweaks in addition to his more advanced projects (image rights, giveaways, email migration, Belle & Sebastian).

//// Sellers, you can stop reading now. Seriously. We’re about to get super deep into Radmin nerdiness.

Radmin’s type-ahead events search NOW AUTOMATICALLY SURFACES ONGOING EVENTS THAT STARTED IN THE PAST BUT HAVEN’T ENDED YET!!! How effing handy is that?! 

We’re talking Radmin -> Events -> Search. We’re talking Feed posts. We’re talking about Featured Event Ad creation. Check it out. It’s sick.

//// AMs, you can stop reading now too. It’s about to get worse.

Arthur has ALSO fixed up our pending and dupes queue filtering to better return venues’ events as the world prepares to open up. 

For example, you can now return Mercury Lounge events by searching ‘Mercury Lounge’, ‘mercury lounge’, ‘mercury’ and ‘Mercury’. Unwanted events will no longer appear in search unless there’s a direct match for your query. 

PLEASE NOTE: your query must include the start of the venue name. So, if you search for “vogue,” no events at The Vogue Theatre will appear. You gotta search “the vogue” or “The Vogue Theatre”. You get it.

Hey, I like events?! Yeah that’s pretty chill. Here’s a picture of my dog:

Love you all.