Content Directive: Tuesday, May 26th: Reopening The Product

 Hey all -

 It's time to talk about reopening (even if it's just plans for reopening). Since its inception, our platform has always served to highlight all the events happening in each market, and let users leverage our listings to find the best events for them, depending on their preferences. That is no different now. We want to provide our audience with all the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves, and we want to leverage our platform and channels to support the businesses that make our community special.

 It's not our place to judge. It's our place to help users have an awesome time, however they want to spend it. To those ends...

 Check out the copy on this Instagram post from When Where What. We love this post because it tells it like it is, doesn't take sides, states the facts, and does it all with quite a bit of pizzazz and vigor. Great inspiration to follow when making posts around reopenings.

 If your city is reopening (or already has reopened), we should flip your logo back to normal (from the #DoStuffAtHome) version. Give us a shout if you'd like us to make that update.

 If your city is having physical (IRL) events again in the near future, then you should:
  • Feature both physical and digital events on your home page
  • Create a shortcut for digital events called '#DoStuffAtHome'
  • Resurrect each 'OG' shortcut (comedy, happy hours, music, etc) as events return in those categories.
 Please let us know if you'd like any help with the above. (We're happy to just do that for you.)

 We're also in the process of updating your top banners; more on that ASAP. 

 Much more to come this week! Stay tuned.