Content Directive: Tuesday, May 12th

 Happy 512 Day everyone!

 With the exception of Do512, our Mother's Day Guides weren't able to capitalize on much organic search traffic, despite the fact that plenty of people were searching for Mother's Day gifts

 This is likely due to the fact that we published our guides too late, which is my fault. I should have sent those out as a content directive earlier.

 But, we learn from our mistakes -- and that's why today's content directive is to create a Father's Day Gift Guide. Publish it this week. Get ahead of the game: The search action is already heating up.

 Remember that we don't just make content that's popular in organic search because we want the search traffic; it's also because search frequency is a great way to learn about what people in our cities are interested in learning more about.

 We recommend a /p page for this piece, with the title: Father's Day 2020 Gifts in City Name (/p/fathers-day-2020-gifts-in-city-name).

 Here are some things your dad might be interested in - to get the wheels spinning:
  • craft beer from a local brewery
  • some rad booze from a local distillery
  • records from a local record store
  • apparel from his favorite local sports team
  • a print by an awesome local artist
  • food from his favorite restaurant
  • and so much more!
 We're excited to see what you guys come up with! Let us know how we can help.

 Also! Instagram has added a 'Support Small Business' tag to Stories that will likely help us accrue additional impressions. Be sure to leverage that when promoting your guide!

 Also also! We're interested in testing out some content pieces that feature stories from our users related to their experience navigating COVID-19. If you're running an Amplification Project, keep your eyes peeled for applicants that may be good fits to contribute something.