Content Directive: Tuesday, June 30th

 Hello, world -

 DoNYC's daily email opens are up 8% YoY for this June so far; their clicks are up 21%.

 These might not seem like the most impressive stats at first glance, but consider the following:
  • Their new user acquisition is down 91% YoY (like so many cities) due to having no tickets to give away, no discretionary social spend, etc.
  • And for comparison:
    • Do312's daily email opens are down 14% YoY; their clicks down 26% over the same time period.
    • Do512's daily email opens are down 38% YoY; their clicks down 46%.
 So, how has DoNYC accomplished this?

 1. They've shared relevant COVID-19 news as it's announced (example). Specifically, they focus on updates re: what people can and can't do (including 'Phase' updates), rather than stats. Their #1 advice for all cities would be check out their COVID-19 updates page (90K page views since March 15) and find a similar way to work that local essential news content in a snackable format into email consistently.

 2. They've focused on breaking, relevant news to NYC's cultural community (example).

 3. They've made sure their emails have meat -- that everyone who opens them will learn something even if they don't click any of the links (example).

 4. Their emails are 'of the moment,' often featuring same-day updates (example).

 5. They've kept their on-site editorial strategy in step with their email strategy: Take, for example, this email, where they followed up news that 'NYC Beaches Open for Swimming July 1st' with a guide to 'Beaches In & Around NYC'.

 6. They A|B|C test every subject line.

 7. They let their subject lines drive their email content. As DoNYC's Jesse Soll, said: "The best article or stream in the world isn't going to get a ton of clicks if it isn't getting your email opened." Their team decides what subject line will drive a high open rate first, and then uses that to inform what content will need to be included in the email. 

 8. They're really good at updating and resurfacing existing content. Here's a look at traffic to their COVID-19 updates page, from their emails alone.

 9. They mix in articles from relevant local news outlets when it makes most sense (example).
 10. The tone of the emails mirrors the city's atmosphere (example).

 Now it's time for you to integrate these tips into your own email strategy! Please let us know if you have any questions when doing so. And, if you're not already signed up for DoNYC's daily emails for additional inspiration, please do so here.

 Also, Liz has created new assets for Black Owned Art Spaces, Virtual Racial Equity Events, Volunteer Opportunities for Social Justice and more. Check them out in our Editorial Assets folder.