Content Directive: Tuesday, July 7th

 Hey team -

 Now that your editorial carousels are live, let's talk about tracking and updating them.

 (If you're unfamiliar with editorial carousels, please read this directive first.)

 Click tracking for the carousels can be found in Google Analytics -> Behavior -> Events -> Top Events -> Main Nav -> Featured Slider (example).

 When updating your carousels, please note that changes in Radmin may take 15-20 minutes to update on the site. That is expected behavior (at least for now).

 We recommend approaching the inclusion of sponsored/advertised content in the same way you would Top Picks: Include the best, most relevant content in these carousels, regardless of whether it's sold or not. This will mean that some sold content gets featured in the carousels and some doesn't. We should never feature anything that lessens our brand. If advertisers want to get featured in the carousels, then they should work with us to build the highest-quality content possible. Please let us (KO and JZ) know if you have any questions on this.

 You may customize the carousel content on lenses by following these steps:
  • Login to the Lens Radmin at
  • Go to (there’s not a link for it in the nav; you have to manually paste that URL into your browser).
  • Click the 'New Mobile Featured Link' button.
  • First, fill out the Title field and the Photo field, then put the URL in last. Radmin will show an error message, but you'll still be able to click Save.
 Rock and roll,