Content Directive: Tuesday, July 14th

 Happy Texas Primary Runoff Election Day!

 We're stoked to be launching a new content and sales program called Summertime in the City, a series designed to showcase and uplift local businesses one neighborhood at a time. The program will highlight the uniqueness of the neighborhoods that make our cities tick, with a fine point on the innovation that some of the businesses in these neighborhoods are doing in the age of COVID-19. 

 The series will consist of a main landing page (/p/summertime-in-the-city) that will ultimately look like this, featuring a series of neighborhood guides like this (that when designed, will look a bit more like this), plus Top 5 Lists (eg - '5 Best Cocktails To-Go in the Neighborhood') and what to do with kids (eg - 'Best Parks in the Neighborhood'). 
 We're going to start by building three of the neighborhood guides (like this). We'll then launch the main landing page (or 'hub') in each market once the first three neighborhood guides are built, and continue adding to it over time. While the 'hub' will be seasonal, all of the sub-pages will be evergreen, so we can easily transition this program to different seasons as time passes.

 Today's content directive is to build your first three neighborhood guides.
  • Use this page as an example.
  • Title: "Summer 2020 in Neighborhood Name"
  • Permalink: "/p/neighborhood-guide-neighborhood-name".
  • Please focus first on any businesses who are doing special events or activations in light of COVID-19, like sidewalk sales or special street dining. 
  • Highlight restaurants, bars, retail stores, dispensaries, parks, and anything else that people should do to have the best possible time in that neighborhood.
  • Include plenty of delivery and pick-up options for those not comfortable dining in.
  • Feature murals and street art; these perform especially well on social and are a great way to drive people to the neighborhoods with a socially-distant activity option to view art and take a summer selfie in front of one.
  • If possible, find an influencer or creative that resides in the neighborhood and have them talk about their favorite parts of their neighborhood, which will further amplify the piece's reach and authenticity, and also improve its quality.
  • Presentation follows our standard recommend /p page format: image, place name, address, description, repeat. Please use H1s for your section headers (eg - "Where To Eat") and H2s for the names of each business. It's important that you follow this recommended format or our themed styles will not work on your page.
  • Remember our commitment to diversity! Make sure that we feature as many Black and minority-owned businesses as possible.
 Content teams! Before you start building your pages, please sync with your local sellers on which neighborhoods you should start with. Propose your top three choices and get their sign-off, to make sure you're setting them up for the best possible success.

 I would begin your research by calling your local neighborhood Chambers of Commerce, letting them know about the guide you're building, and seeing what awesome neighborhood business innovations and happenings they're aware of. These conversations will likely build most of the pieces for us -- and they're also great ways to tee your sales teams up for success with eventually pitching these guides to the Chambers for sponsorship.

 Please reach out once you have built your first three neighborhood guides so that we can spruce up your pages and build out your main landing page ('hub'). 

 We're so excited about this program! Please let us know what questions you have.