Content Directive: Tuesday, 5/5

 Our independent music venues are in trouble - and we can help!

 On April 22, the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) issued a letter to the leaders of our Legislative Branch with actionable requests for helping our beloved venues in this time of dire need. Read more about that here.

 Today, NIVA is asking every live music fan to help #saveourstages by contacting our local legislators and asking them to support NIVA's proposal.

 They've built a page ( that makes that super easy: just fill out your information and the form will auto-populate with a message for your local legislators. Hit one button to send an email, another to post a Tweet, and then pass it on.

 Today's content directive is to promote on your email and social channels TODAY to help support the independent venues that are the backbone of our community and our business.

 NIVA is trying to make the biggest possible splash today, so immediate action is most impactful and much appreciated.

 Please use hashtag #saveourstages and find an approved email asset here.

 We want to show the venues that we're doing everything we possibly can, so please reply back to this email with links to your posts and inclusions once they've been made.

 We recommend a daily email content block, FB post, Tweet and IG Story.

 Please let us know what questions you have!